Spending on pensions has no ceiling and soars 3.23% in July to 10,203 million




The monthly payroll of contributory pensions has reached a new record as of July 1, amounting to 10,202,294 million euros, 3.23% more than in the same month last year. As reported on Tuesday by the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration, more than two thirds of this amount – 7,340, 71 million – has been used to pay the retirement pensions. This game has shot up 3.79% only during the last twelve months. For its part, the average pension of the system (includes retirement, permanent disability, widowhood, orphanhood and in favor of family members) stood at 1,033.86 euros per month, 2.18% more than a year ago.

As of July 1 of this year, a total of 9,868,153 contributory pensions, 1.04% more than in July 2020. Of all of them, 6,170,037 have been for retirement and 2,359,217 for widowhood. On the other hand, another 951,310 pensions have corresponded to those of permanent disability. In addition, 343,785 orphan pensions have been paid and 43,804 in favor of family members.

For its part, average retirement pension it was slightly higher, reaching 1,189.75 euros per month. This is 2.30% more than in July 2020. By scheme, the highest average retirement pension corresponded to General Regime with 1,335.11 euros per month, while the lowest corresponded to the Self-Employed Regime, 793.12 euros per month. Regarding Coal Mining, the average retirement pension amounted to 2,326 euros for 1,323.82 euros of the Regime of the Sea (sailors). Regarding the additions to retirement pensions registered in June, the average pension stood at 1,340.06 euros, while those relating to the General Scheme were 1,451.19 euros per month and the widowhood pension at 740.19 euros per month. month (1.90%).

In any case, according to the data collected by the National Institute of Social Security (INSS), between January and June there have been accumulated 311,550 registrations of pensioners while in the same period 256,402 pensioners have been discharged.

Regarding the so-called ‘gender gap complement’, in force since last February, as of June 1, 28,496 pensions have benefited from the aforementioned supplement and benefited from an extra average amount of 61.26 euros. All supplemented pensions, 47.7% have corresponded to pensioners with two children (13,591). It is followed by pensioners with three (6,015) and four children (3,649). The aforementioned supplement supposes an amount of 27 euros per extra month per child, applicable to the first child and up to a maximum of four.

Regarding passive classes (military personnel and officials of the General Administration of the State or of the Courts) the monthly expenditure in June amounted to 2,421.08 million euros and an increase of 98.45% mainly due to the extra. In total, the number of pensions in the Passive Classes has amounted to 670,761, 18,522 more pensions compared to the previous year.

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