Spencer Silver, one of the creators of the 'post it', dies

'Post it' notes.

Post it notes.

Spencer Silver, One of the two American chemists who invented the Post-it sticky notes, died last Saturday at the age of 80 at his home in St. Paul (Minnesota, USA), reported this Thursday the company he worked for, the manufacturer 3M.

Silver was the creator of the adhesive these popular notes use, and his colleague at 3M, Art fry, had the idea of ​​putting it on small pieces of paper so that they can be used as reminders that are pasted on walls, books and other surfaces.

Silver and Fry created the first Post-it (a trademark still to this day by 3M) in 1974, with the goal that the markers that Fry used in his hymnal when he sang in church would not fall out of the book.

The inventor, who had a heart transplant 27 years ago, died after suffering an episode of ventricular tachycardia, a heart problem

Born in 1941 in San Antonio (Texas, USA), Silver received a degree in chemistry from the Arizona State University and from the University of Colorado at Boulder, and began working for 3M in 1966.

The scientist created his new adhesive, which was strong enough to stay glued to the paper, but at the same time made it easy to peel and stick it back onto another surface.

Silver is survived by his wife of 56 years, Linda, a daughter and two grandchildren.

Another of his daughters, Allison, passed away while Spencer was still alive.

The Post-it co-inventor with Silver, Art Fry, still alive at 89 years old.


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