May 31, 2020

Spelling lesson for Pedro Sánchez: Wise person …. or sap?

We know that a person is wise when he is humble and has dedicated part of his life to instructing himself to help others with his knowledge. Therefore, within a wise person there may perfectly be "a (spiritual) liquid that circulates through the vessels of pteridophyte and phanogamous plants and from which the cells take the substances they need for their nutrition", which is the name of "sap ”That gives our great dictionary, the one of the RAE, and that we – like so many other expressions – turn them into metaphors of something positive.

A misspelling by Pedro Sánchez tarnishes his congratulations to the Ethiopian Prime Minister

Has circulated a tweet for the outskirts of Moncloa in which our president congratulates the Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali and congratulates on that new "wise" that occurs in international politics. There are those "b" and those "v" that were born defenseless so that some mistreat them without shame. The distinction provided by these consonants comes from afar, from Latin, and remember something that is only the heritage of philologists: the "b" is occlusive and the "v" fricative, This question brings, fortunately, to the common of mortals who speak the beautiful language of Cerbantes, yes, with "b", as he wrote it.

So we have in Spanish words that play hide and seek with us: "Balido", which is the voice of the ram, the lamb, the sheep, the goat the fallow deer and the deer, in front of "valid", who is someone received, believed, appreciated or generally appreciated, and in its most historical sense , is the man who, having the confidence of a high character, exercised the power of this. But the valid was not sometimes exempt from making bleats. And today we close this new window to spelling with a word that will soon be in fashion: voting, with which some of us dream that it serves to throw away a political character.

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