July 29, 2021

Spectacular rescue of the Civil Guard in a ravine of Huesca

Spectacular rescue of the Civil Guard in a ravine of Huesca

The Civil Guard of Huesca has rescued three people, all of them neighbors of Barcelona, ​​when they were blocked when they were in the ravine of Estrechos del Balced, in the municipality of Alberuela de la Liena, before the great current of water that flowed.

As reported by the Benemérita, at 5.40 pm this Saturday, November 3, they have received a notice at the 062 plant in which it was reported that a group of seven people was in the aforementioned ravine, of which four had could finish the descent but the rest They had been blocked by the water flow and the difficulty of the area.

For this reason, Ereim specialists from Huesca have been activated, who have come to the area by official vehicle. There, they have inspected several areas of access to the ravine, mounting rappel descent systems by the large vertical walls and accessing the interior of the ravine itself to travel both up and down.

The agents, at all times, have used both acoustic signals (whistles) and light (lights) that did not allow the location of the canyoning. At 00.00 hours on Sunday, the troops have interviewed the rest of the group, so they have been able to narrow down the place where their colleagues were. Specifically, it is the level between the second great hall and the ravine of La Viña (tributary of Balced).

After several attempts to enter this area, with the difficulty of the existing vegetation, decomposed terrain and the large vertical walls of the area, Civil Guards have had to abandon the search at 4.40 am waiting to fly with the helicopter Officer of the Corps.

Early in the morning, specialists from the Ereim de Huesca, as well as the Air Unit of Huesca and a doctor from 061 were re-activated to resume the search. After overflying the area, the canyons have been located in a small hollow of the ravine, quite confined and small to perform the rescue by means of the crane.

During the rescue, one of the canyons, the specialists and the pilots of the helicopter have suffered several mishaps due to falling stones. Also, there have been several turbulences of the aircraft and very dangerous friction with the wall of the ravine due to its complicated orography.

Finally the evacuation of all of them was finished at 11.00 am on Sunday, after 17 hours of operation, being transferred to their private vehicles. It is about a man of 46 years and two women, one of 36 and another of 33 years.



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