Mon. Feb 24th, 2020

Spectacular discussion between Jorge Javier and Noemí Salazar's mother

The edition of
It has started with shocks. Just one day it has taken time for complaints to favor the favoritism of the program by some contestants. The target of criticism was Jorge Javier Vazquezhad a discussion with Raquel, mother of Naomi
Salazar, which accused him of not giving him any prominence during the night. The presenter took drastic measures and the expelled of the plate.

It all started because of an indiscreet microphone that was left open during an advertising break and that made the Catalan listen to something he did not like. Raquel Salazar, protagonist of The Gipsy Kings, he complained about the little prominence of his offspring compared to the rest of the inhabitants from the Guadalix house.

'GH VIP 7': Jorge Javier Vázquez invited Raquel Salazar to leave the set
(Mediaset Spain)

Upon returning from publicity, the Catalan wanted to issue a warning to Raquel. Known as queen of brilli brilli throwing that she felt ignored during the gala. “The problem is that I see that everything is always the same. The protagonism is always given to them ”, he said to the surprise of those present on the plate of Big Brother.

"Always say when we wear two galas …", answered Jorge Javier Vázquez. From there, Naomi’s mother said that The presenter chooses a favorite in each edition with which he does not stop joking and favor him. “I am not comfortable. And I think the jokes are fine, but I'm super bored, ”he said indignantly.

From there the discussion was rising and the presenter of GH VIP 7 He invited her to leave the set. “I'm going on the break. I'm not going to get up in front of the cameras, ”Raquel said visibly angry. "I'm not going to get up now, as if you were throwing me for stealing a shirt", he added to finish.

"You try to put me against the people of your ethnicity," said the Catalan very indignantly before giving way to a small cut of publicity. On the way back, Naomi's mother had already left the set, but during the return home he decided to record a new message to his followers in which he clarified that he was very calm with what he had said.

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