February 26, 2021

SPAR Gran Canaria seeks “solidity” to beat Zamora

The CB SPAR Gran Canaria will have to “act with great character” today before Cheeses El Pastor Zamora and play in a “solid and forceful” way if he wants to seal his permanence in the category, according to the assistant coach of the island team, Cristóbal Navarro.

Navarro believes that “it will be a very complicated duel ”, andthat “they will come to give everything because they are in a situation that requires it.” The Zamorano team arrives at the event last in the standings, so the SPAR Gran Canaria players should not “expect any gift from them”. If the players of José Carlos Ramos, who arrive in twelfth position in the table, want to prevail, they will have to “focus on defense as a team”, in addition to the fact that in the match “attitude, security, seriousness, confidence and unity as a block, ”says Navarro in the note.

The meeting between Zamoranas and Gran Canaria, behind closed doors (7:00 p.m.) at the La Paterna Pavilion, can be followed by streaming on CanalFEB.tv.


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