June 15, 2021

SPAR Gran Canaria returns to the highest category of women’s basketball – La Provincia

The club Basketball SPAR Gran Canaria will play again in the elite in its 40th anniversary season. After a few months of uncertainty and exchange of views with the institutions, the entity from Gran Canaria has managed to return to the Endesa Women’s League, thanks to the exchange of the place with the Club Bàsquet Femení Sant Adrià.

In this way, SPAR Gran Canaria rises to the highest category, after three years in the Women’s League 2, and with the hope of seeing the objective that they had set for this season fulfilled. “It is very important for us to know that the season of our 40th anniversary we are going to play in the elite, above all, because we deserve it. We must not forget that the stoppage of the league on the occasion of COVID-19 severely damaged us, “says Domingo Díaz, president of the club.

And it is worth remembering that SPAR Gran Canaria came to a halt caused by the pandemic with a less disputed match, due to having done the favor to the Pomegranate to change the date. However, this circumstance was not taken into account when terminating the league and SPAR Gran Canaria, that if this match had not been taken into account he would have been the leader of the category, he was left without promotion.

“We had assembled a squad to win on the court and that was what we were doing, going very well on target. When the competition stopped, from the club we presented the proposal to host a promotion phase on the island to resolve this problem because, first of all, we wanted to win the place athletically. However, when the Spanish Basketball Federation decided to end the competition, we presented an appeal to the Superior Council of sports, but Sant Adrià was proclaimed first, “says the Gran Canaria leader.

At this time, CB Sant Adrià has another problem, as Domingo Díaz points out: “they do not have a sponsor that allows them to compete in the highest basketball category, with the disbursement that this implies. This opens up the possibility of This swap we have carried out. Both the Catalan club and SPAR Gran Canaria are two youth teams, who have shared countless sporting moments, fighting for years in Spanish championships in the base categories. This good relationship that we maintained opened the possibility for us to exchange these places, passing Sant Adrià to play in our position in the Women’s League 2 and promoting us to the Endesa Women’s League. “

In this way, and after having played during 34 of its 40 years of existence in the highest category, the dean club of the Women’s League is once again part of the elite.


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