SPAR Gran Canaria dreams of surprising the powerful City of La Laguna

SPAR Gran Canaria dreams of surprising the powerful City of La Laguna

SPAR Gran Canaria dreams of surprising the powerful City of La Laguna

On September 20 of this year they were measured in Tenerife the City of La Laguna and the SPAR Gran Canaria. It was the start of the Endesa 20-21 Women's League. Against all odds, the game needed two extra time to resolve, and by the minimum, 103-102.

Since then, the yellow team have accumulated three wins and twelve defeats, and the Tenerife team have added nine wins and six lost games, which has led them to be one of the eight teams classified to play the Queen's Cup (from March 4 to 7, in a venue yet to be designated).

The lagoon box is located in a comfortable sixth place and moves to Gran Canaria with their best weapons and the favorite poster. Meanwhile, SPAR Gran Canaria, which has been showing that it is a team that can fight to the fullest for three quarters, must make up for its effectiveness with more intense work and making use of its junior resources in the absence of personnel.

Jose Carlos Ramos they have their full squad and have had a whole week to prepare for the clash, which has not happened in a long time, due to a rather tight schedule. For twelve hours, with refereeing by the referees Joaquín Lizana Moreno, Héctor Báez Batista and Javier Ávila Zurita, this match will be played, without an audience, but with a live broadcast on Canary TV.

This is the call for the SPAR Gran Canaria: Sparkle Taylor, María E. Almendro, Kai James, Sika Koné, Alina Hartmann, Marta Hermida, Djénéba N'Diaye, Adji Fall, Carla Brito, Elena Rodríguez, Gara Jorge and Dominique García.

History in Belgium

On the other hand, the City of La Laguna you want to complete your fantastic week. Qualification for the Copa de la Reina, go to the Group Stage of the Eurocup and now, the Canarian derby.

Claudio García's players will compete in the Eurocup this year after their victory in Belgium in a match in which they sealed a ticket to access Group F. There, they will share the first phase with Lointek Gernika in search of a pass through which will also fight Valencia Basket and Cadí La Seu d'Urgell Lleida.

From they narrated the Lagunos milestone: "In the most important meeting in its history, Ciudad de La Laguna has not failed at the high level of demand to be able to certify its pass to the Eurocup Group Stage.

A clash that did not start quite well for the interests of the Canarian team since, after the first exchange of blows, Kangoeroes Basket was able to certify a 12-2 partial with which to take the lead both in the match and in the face to the fight for the classification (25-15).

The thing seemed to be partial and, between a Gaby Ocete that reached ten and a Kalis Loyd that was beginning to do her thing, the Canaries did not take long to sign a 0-7 with which to recover the pulse of the crash (25-22 ). It was during the final stretch of the first part that the visitors managed to feel more comfortable, taking the initiative and taking small income with which to put their cards on the table.

The match entered into a constant exchange of blows and thus reached the last minute, with the electronic equalized after two quarters without a clear dominator and with victory as the only objective (82-82). A field in which the Ciudad de La Laguna simply knew how to move better to certify a victory based on the strength of the inside game (84-90) ”.


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