Spanish technology develops solar parabolas to generate heat

A Madrid company has developed intelligent parables capable of concentrating the heat of the sun to be subsequently used in heating or in industrial processes and sanitary hot water, so that photovoltaic energy reaches beyond the production of electricity.

"The world consumes much more heat than electricity," TCT CEO Rafael Ansón explained to Efe, who specifies that "most air conditioning processes use heat and, in fact, 74% of the sector's energy demand industrial is destined to calorific processes, which require the burning of fossil fuels by 85%. "

With this panorama, the proposal of this technology company "gives a return to solar energy, traditionally related to the production of electricity", since "we have specialized in the production of heat through solar energy" thanks to the design of His parables

Each of them, built in Spain with Spanish technology, “allows annual savings in fuel equivalent to 800 liters of diesel or 780 cubic meters of natural gas,” so that by avoiding the burning of fossil fuels, injection into the atmosphere of up to “20,100 kilograms of CO2” each year: the equivalent of carbon dioxide retained by 40 trees in the same period of time.

Unlike other photovoltaic panels such as the plans, the TCT parabolas have a reflective surface capable of concentrating the heat of the king star “with an efficiency of 88%,” said the company's commercial director, Jaime Ruiz-Morales, who Remember that "despite the novelties it introduces, this mirror technology was already used by the ancient Greeks in their ships."

This new technology is already deployed in different parts of Spain, such as on the rooftops of the RENFE facilities in Madrid, where four of them offer “hot sanitary water for employees, saving 30% on natural gas”, Your primary fuel.


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