Fri. Apr 3rd, 2020

Spanish team – Jordi Alba: «I wish I could stay here forever»

Spanish team - Jordi Alba: «I wish I could stay here forever»

Jordi Alba feels like a newcomer in the national team. The two calls of Luis Enrique that has been lost have been enough to multiply his illusion to return to wear the Red, with which he played his last match in the World Cup against Russia. Jordi is happy again in the concentration of Las Rozas and insists that he has never had any problems with the coach. "In his day I showed my desire to play, nothing more, but nobody has to apologize to anyone, neither the coach to me nor I to him. He is the boss, the one that decides which players have to come and there has not been any meeting or any phone call. It is your decision and nothing more. I hope that I can stay here forever "explains the Barcelona winger.

These months without playing with the selection have served him to live another reality. "I've taken it easy. I was not caught very young, I think I matured a lot. The coach has many variations and can choose in any position many players and in the last two calls he believed that he did not have to be here, that there had to be others, but I have taken it very calmly, I enjoyed the family although my intention was to keep coming. This time I'm here and I've always been excited, but this time much more, "says the player.

Jordi has only good words towards the coach. "He's a coach who, I've always said, helped me a lot when he was at Barcelona. It's true that in the last season I did not have the minutes that every player wants, but I never said a bad word from Luis Enrique. I always thought he was a very good person, who then makes his decisions, like all coaches, like you more or you like less, but I've never had a problem with him or his coaching staff, "he says. That's why he does not find anything extraordinary in the embrace that occurred on Monday when he met again at the residence of the City of Football. "I had not seen him for a while, but like the rest of the national team and very happy to return here. Thankful once again to be able to return to the national team, "he adds. "I come with all the illusion of doing things well. I had two calls without coming and for me a world was made. I am lucky to be here again and now to try to help everyone, "he adds.

The azulgrana side would like his return to the selection was permanent, but is aware that in football, as in life, things change. "I want to be always in the calls of my selection, but the selector is the one that decides. At the moment I am here, but this can change, there is a lot of competition and not only in my position but in everyone and you have to earn it to be here. " And the same thing can happen to him at Barcelona, ​​but Jordi takes it easy: "The desire of every player is to play, my desire was that and I did not have the minutes I wanted. I said it and I do not regret saying that I wanted to play more minutes. It is a decision of the coach equal with Luis Enrique that with Valverde. I also have an incredible relationship but if tomorrow does not put me I'll have to fuck. It has nothing to do with the personal relationship with the professional. "

His absence in recent months has not served as an extraordinary motivation to improve his performance, he explains. "I've always said that my intention was to do well in my club and to go to the national team is a prize that the coach gives you. I have continued doing my things as I have always done, it is true that things have gone very well for me two months ago and finally I have had the prize to come to the national team and hopefully I will stay for a long time. You can enjoy other things, but the prize to come to the selection is the greatest, "he says. Although it has served to receive more love than ever. "It seems a lie, but I have felt more loved than other times. I have noticed the support of the people and I am very happy to return to the selection and return to work with the coach. There are many new, very young people and it is an exciting stage for everyone, "he says.

And upon arrival, nothing has surprised him in the work methods of the coach. "The idea is sure to be the same. I have two training sessions and I have seen things very similar to Barcelona. He is a coach who, in dealing with the players, is very good, he analyzes the opponent very well. He is a modern and confident coach that will give great joy to the national team. For the work will not be, "he acknowledges.


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