Spanish surfer Óscar Serra dies on a beach in Mexico

Oscar Serra.

Oscar Serra.
Spanish Surf Federation

The Spanish surfer Oscar Serra died this Saturday in Mexico after hitting his head against the background, when he tried to ride a wave on the beach of Zicatela, in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca.

According to experts, Zicatela produces some of the best beach waves in the world and its height in the months of June and July are a claim for many of the best surfers in the world to mount them.

Serra, who had barely been in Mexico for a couple of days, went in early in the morning in search of good waves, despite the fact that there was a red flag on the beach, something that is precisely what surfers are looking for.

According to several Mexican newspapers, the Valencian surfer fell from a wave a couple of meters high and hit his head against the background.

Although he was rescued promptly, he could not be revived on the beach by the medical services that treated him due to the force of the impact.

The Spanish surf federation has lamented the loss on social networks: "A day of big waves in Zicatela (Puerto Escondido) -today- has hit us very hard ... Our sincere condolences to family and friends for the loss of Óscar Serra There are no words to describe so much pain ... life is often unfair. "


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