September 30, 2020

Spanish secretary highlights tourism and agribusiness as sectors to invest

Tourism and agribusiness are the sectors of the Colombian economy in which Spanish companies have more possibilities of growth, said Thursday in Cartagena de Indias the Secretary of State of Commerce of Spain, Xiana Méndez Bértolo.

"Tourism is a supremely interesting sector for the economic growth of Colombia, where the country has many basic factors to attract more tourists and also promote sustainable tourism, which I believe should be the priority," Méndez said in an interview. to Efe.

For the official, another "very interesting" sector is agribusiness, for what she said "the technification" of the sector is necessary and said her Government is "working hard to help take advantage of all the potential that the sector has in Colombia."

Méndez, who attends the XVI National Congress of Infrastructure in this Caribbean city, said there are almost 30 Spanish engineering, consulting, construction and private banking companies in Cartagena.


The Spanish official added that public financing entities such as Cofides and the Official Credit Institute are also present, which means that "we have the entire Spanish infrastructure ecosystem very attentive to Colombian government projects."

The Secretary also said that there is room to continue growing "in both directions and directions", and highlighted the current "import and export flows".

Méndez acknowledged that although this has been a year of "great uncertainty in international trade, bilateral flows are going very well."

He also highlighted the conditions of legal and economic security offered by Colombia, which makes it an attractive country to attract foreign investment, which is "so important for its economic development," he added, "is one of the matters that the Government knows that it's a priority. "

"We are very willing to collaborate with the Colombian Government in what we can be of help to try to improve these conditions and attract more and more Spanish companies to Colombia," he said.


The Spanish secretary of state described the presence of Spanish companies in Latin America as "historic," since they arrived massively in the 1990s and did so "to stay."

According to their figures, these companies generate "800,000 direct jobs" in the region and highlighted their long-term commitment because in addition to seeking a business benefit they seek to contribute to the "economic development of these countries."

However, he warned that the political instability experienced by some Latin American countries is a factor that can affect investments, so Spain in its foreign policy has great interest in "supporting greater stability."

"As regards Colombia, we are convinced that political stability will last and we are very aware, above all, of the effort that the Colombian Government is making to anticipate any situation and to consolidate stability and social and political peace in the country" , he claimed.

After passing through Colombia, Méndez will travel to Ecuador tomorrow with the objective of knowing first hand the political situation of that country and how the authorities "have managed to pacify the situation, what prospects they have, what impact they consider it may have on the attraction investment and on the good pace of bilateral relations. "

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