Spanish rule in the Gran Canaria Air Battle

Lorenzo Casati and his tricks continue to amaze year after year. / Rodrigo Jimenez

The Tenerife natives Lorenzo Casati and Jeremy Burlando dispute the title of champion of Spain in Big Air

CANARY ISLANDS7 The Gran Canarian palms

After a spectacular day in Vargas, with winds of between 35 and 40 knots and a big wave, all the heats of several of the scheduled categories of the Spanish Kiteboarding Championship have been disputed, advancing the names of the finalists in Big Air (jumps Altos) and Waves, as well as the finalists of Strapless Freestyle (board tricks). Of all the competitors, Lorenzo Casati from Tenerife (of Italian origin) has been the one who has won the most finals in various categories: Big Air, Waves and Strapless Freestyle, after showing that he is the best at catching waves and doing tricks with the board while Flying. “It has been an incredible few days with good wind and wave conditions, I am very happy to have reached the finals in all three disciplines, and now to continue with the wing foil”, Casati declared.

Lorenzo Casati manages to reach the final in Big Air, Waves and Strapless Freestyle

The other great competitor who has prevailed in the finals also comes from Tenerife, Jeremy Burlando is one of the big favorites in the Big Air category thanks to his high jumps that have impressed throughout the Gran Canaria Air Battle festival. The Spanish Big Air champion will be decided between two competitors of Italian origin but based in Tenerife: Jeremy Burlando and Lorenzo Casati. The judges have highlighted, above all, the incredible jumps of both competitors, since they "come out of the horizon line", commented Javier Ippolito, director of competition.

Jeremy Burlando in action at the Gran Canaria Air Battle

The Waves category has also been led by the Canarians, with Lorenzo Casati standing out again, in addition to the Gran Canarians Víctor Gil and Aarón Navares. The title of champion of Spain in this modality will be decided between Casati and Gil, so it will fall in Tenerife or Gran Canaria. Casati not only reached the Big Air and Wave finals at the national level, but also had a high performance in the Strapless Freestyle category (board tricks), reaching the final against Andalusian Beltrán Eugui. The fight for third and fourth place has been disputed between Noah Nicolas (French based in Tarifa) and Jeremy Burlando.

Majoreras Alexandra Torres and Julia Castro shine in Big Air

In the women's modality of Big Air, the title remains in Fuerteventura, with the final being disputed between Alexandra Torres and Julia Castro, one of the favorite local riders. Both kitesurfers from the municipality of Pájara have set the bar very high, highlighting the judges "a considerable difference in height with respect to the rest of the competitors, comparable to the men", commented the director of the competition.

Alexandra Torres during the final in Big Air

In the women's wave modality, all the qualifying heats have also been held to reach the final, which has not been held due to the lack of wind due to the haze. So the Spanish champion of this discipline will be announced during the awards ceremony, after the final was disputed between the Andalusian María del Mar Gallardo (originally from La Línea, Cádiz) and the Peruvian based in Tenerife Iris Dewi. The third and fourth place in the class will be decided again by the majoreras, Alexandra Torres and Julia Castro.

The Gran Canaria Air Battle brings the first national Wing Foil Waves competition

The wing foil has been the main protagonist this weekend, since Vargas has seen the riders compete in Freestyle, Slalom and Waves, this last modality being still very new. In fact, it is the first time in Spain that a wing foil competition has been organized in the Waves mode, and one of the first in the world. As there is no pre-established format, standards and criteria have been previously agreed upon. "To exploit the potential of the category, it has been decided to chain waves by pumping (pumping by paddling with the board)", explained Javier Ippolito, director of competition.

The Canary Islands host the first test of wing foil waves in Spain

This Saturday there have been eight sleeves, clearly dominated by «Team Valencia», with Sebastián Ducos at the head, although the great surprise has been another member of the Valencian team: Adrián Carbonell. This Sunday the wing foil final of this category is expected to take place, in addition to the disciplines of Slalom and Freestyle, with the Italian-Tenerife Jeremy Burlando standing out again in this last category.

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