July 6, 2020

Spanish musicians choose 84 songs about the Coronavirus to quarantine

A list created by musicians such as Marc Ros (Sidonie), Dorian, Carolina Durante, Sex Museum, Viva Sweden, Loquillo and Cheries DJ

We already know the situation and we know that, at least, until April 11, in Spain we will continue to be locked up. As a result of the impotence of seeing so many canceled concerts, closed rooms and festivals at risk, from the promoter Rock Nights they have had an idea for music to be, once again, therapeutic. To do this, they have contacted up to 84 musicians and personalities from the world of music to develop a collaborative list that reflects feelings or ideas related to the pandemic, confinement, the virus and, in short, music as a feeling of freedom.

Thus, this list fits from “Boredom” (Buzzcocks), because we have all been bored to “Heroes” (David Bowie), since every afternoon we go out on the balcony to thank them for their work. Other ideas that float in the environment are “Self-sufficiency” (Permanent Paralysis), “Lost in the supermarket” (The Clash) and, of course, “Fever” (Biznaga) and “We are nothing” (La Polla Records) that have It has been included among many others in this list, which can be accessed here: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/22WZB18EObboiV6i9tW1jw?si=mSbx1XWLRGinWyArUP4-wg).

“Given the impossibility of leaving home, of being able to meet, laugh and dance together, we want to contribute our grain of sand so that we can pass this confinement in the best possible way. And we couldn’t think of anything better than music, ”they explain from Rock Nights. Two audiovisual versions are also available: https://www.instagram.com/tv/B-FE-3Jg0Fu/?igshid=1498sl9ioyed6 Y https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sfWG47Rb8LI to listen and see the artists.

Each theme conveys a feeling in this unprecedented situation. Some like “Here is the news” by Electric Light Orchestra, treat the overinformation to which we are exposed every day, classics such as “Let’s dance” by Bowie, which makes us relativize and realize what is really important or ‘With a little help from my friends’ by The Beatles that reminds us that together we are stronger.

“The idea has been to create a form of expression through rock, which always claims freedom, passion and rebellion. A freedom that has been temporarily stolen from us by this virus and that makes us reflect, joining forces with a common goal: to stay together in this. Because if we are sure of something, it is that we will come out of it stronger and more united than ever ”, they say from Rock Nights.


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