Spanish mountain ham and Chilean wine, a tandem without cracks for the palate

The Spanish Serrano Ham Consortium wants to generate in Chile a culture of consumption that enjoys the "gastronomic experience" that supposes tasting that food, and found today in Chilean wine the perfect ally to achieve it.

This was expressed to Efe marketing manager Consorcio del Jamón Serrano Español, Carlos del Hoyo, who led today in the Chilean capital a social event with Serrano ham and Chilean wine as protagonists to transfer to the consumer of the southern country this culinary taste so ingrained in Spain.

"It's a marriage that we know very well in Spain, the culture of wine and the culture of ham are present since time immemorial and that marriage and those two cultures I think have a lot of travel here in Chile," said Del Hoyo.

The representative of the Consortium, a group comprising 29 Spanish companies producing jamón serrano, said that both Spanish and Chilean culture like to socialize and that, therefore, wine "as a social drink" and "serrano ham" as an experience gastronomic "are also perfectly understood in the southern country.

To show the exquisite combination of the two products, the Consortium organized the "Ham & Wine" event in the main store of El Mundo del Vino, in the Chilean capital, where they could taste quality serrano ham and up to five varieties of wine from the Viña Miguel Torres, of Spanish origin but present in Chile with its own production in this country since 1979.

Several cutters distributed ham from the companies of the Consortium, while wine glasses were served to around 150 people who attended the event, including chefs, specialized journalists, managers and managers of hotels and restaurants, celebrities, distributors and importers.

The seal of the Consorcio del Jamón is a guarantee of "quality", of an exhaustive selection of the pieces of ham, of a process that allows the product to reach the consumer at the best moment -with an average of 14 months of healing-, " and that for the international operator, having a standardized quality, it facilitates the creation of brand and consumption habit, "Del Hoyo said in his speech at the event.

The Spanish Serrano Ham Consortium was created in 1990 as a group of leading brands in the production and export of that product, united in order to standardize an exclusive and high quality Serrano ham for sale in markets around the world.

In Chile, in the last three years, the consumption of Serrano ham has increased by almost 700%, and the import volume went from 837 pieces in 2015 to 5,733 in 2017, according to figures from the Spanish Serrano Ham Consortium.

"Spain currently sells $ 18 million in pork products in Chile and Serrano ham is the star, and we are trying to increase knowledge and demand," said the economic advisor of the Embassy of Spain in Chile, Íñigo. Febrel.

Regarding the star combination of the night, Febrel commented that "the ham is only very rich but with a glass of wine it is superior".

For Íñigo Osborne, brandmanager of the Viña Miguel Torres in Chile, that the Consortium of the Serrano Ham wants to promote its product in the southern country is "great news".

Torres commented that in Chile the concept of the typical tapas bar in Spain in which to drink, for example, a glass of wine and a bit of ham is not yet widespread, but with initiatives like this, restaurateurs can see an opportunity.

The companies that make up the Consorcio del Jamón Serrano produce 40% of the total production of this food in Spain and represent 75% of exports.


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