Spanish literature returns to the field | Babelia

Spanish literature returns to the field | Babelia

The depopulation of the rural world and the disappearance of the peasantry are the subject of many of the latest literary novelties. This Saturday Babelia devotes special attention to this phenomenon with a report signed by Javier Rodríguez Marcos that delves into the characteristics of this current. Far from all picturesqueness, authors with María Sánchez, Rafael Navarro de Castro and Emilio Barco focus their eyes on a universe that suffers as few as the consequences of globalization and in which traditionally the voice of women has been absent.

Another topic highlighted in the next issue of Babelia is the talk that the Milanese pianist Maurizio Pollini has held in Italy with the EL PAÍS correspondent in Rome, Daniel Verdú, in the days leading up to his trip to Madrid, where next Monday he will offer a recital at the National Auditorium. It is one of the few interviews that the musician has given in recent years.

In other pages, the reader will find the usual literary reviews, among which the book dedicated to The crimes of Alicia, by Guillermo Martínez, last Nadal prize.

The art section opens with an article by Angela Molina on H. C. Westermann, to which the Museo Reina Sofía dedicates an exhibition.

The theater section includes criticism of the shows Saigon, La tendresa, The resistance Y Lands of the South.

In the opinion pages, Antonio Muñoz Molina revisits a Hitchcock classic, Strangers in a train, Beatriz Sarlo reflects on the value of the newspaper archives and Manuel Rodríguez Rivero reviews the editorial news.


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