May 31, 2020

Spanish is "by far" the most studied language in the United States

Luis García Montero, director of the Cervantes Institute, presented a new edition of the 2019 spanish yearbook on Friday in New York. According to this, "Spanish is" by far the most studied language at all levels of education "in the United States and is ranked as the second most used language on Twitter in mostly Anglophone cities such as New York.

The Institute expects that by 2060, the United States will become the second Spanish-speaking country in the world, after Mexico: almost one in three Americans will be Hispanic. Overall, in 2019 7.6% of the world's population is Spanish-speaking. The forecasts included in this document estimate that the weight of the Spanish-speaking community in 2050 will be slightly higher than the current one (specifically 7.7% of the world population). However, these forecasts also forecast that, in 2100, this percentage will be 6.6%, mainly due to the decline in the population of Spanish-speaking countries.

In the specific case of the United States, the estimates made by the Census Bureau of the United States speak that Hispanics will be 119 million in 2060. That will mean that 28.6% of the US population, almost one in three residents in United States, will be Hispanic. The number of speakers with a degree of native Spanish proficiency in the United States is 41 million people. This group includes both the Hispanic population that claims to speak Spanish at home in 2017 and those Americans who, without defining themselves as Hispanic, claim to speak Spanish in the domestic environment.

Projections made by the US Census Bureau indicate that, in January 2019, the total population of the country amounted to 328.2 million individuals, of which 17.8% are defined as Hispanic and 71.6% of The Hispanic population spoke Spanish home in 2017. The number of speakers with limited language proficiency in the United States is 15.8 million. The director of the Cervantes Institute, Luis García Montero, has admitted before the presentation of the report that the closure of the digital edition in Spanish of the «New York Times» It is sad, although he considers that "it is also an invitation to take language defense much more seriously."

Montero, in an interview in RNE collected by Europa Press, has referred to the campaign of the administration of Donald Trump to promote the use of English against Spanish and has been convinced that "bilingualism is a reality in the United States ".

25% of students of Latin origin

Focused on teaching, in 2014, 25% of students in public schools in the United States were of Latin origin. Current figures show that Spanish "is the most demanded language in US schools with foreign language programs and the number of students enrolled in Spanish courses triples that of students enrolled in other language courses.

Of the nearly eleven million US elementary and middle school students who enrolled in foreign language courses during the 2014-2015 academic year, more than seven did so in Spanish courses. In secondary schools, 93% of the centers with foreign language programs taught Spanish, a percentage that remains unchanged from 1997 to 2008, although it certainly represents an increase over the 86% observed in 1987.

"Despite this, the number of programs taught, as well as the range of opportunities offered to students to reach a high level of proficiency in Spanish, are still insufficient in the American education system," laments the yearbook. In the last thirty years, more than 5 million American university students would have studied Spanish.

Linkedin and Twitter

Regarding social networks, the geographical distribution of Spanish-speaking LinkedIn users in the United States suggests that Spanish is being used as a professional asset outside the Spanish-speaking area of ​​this country. In addition, after English, which is the language used in 94.8% of messages sent through Twitter in New York, Spanish, used in 2.7% of messages, is the second most used language. The contribution of all Spanish-speaking countries to world GDP is 6.9%.

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