Spanish investment funds lose almost at the same rate as the fall of Lehman Brothers

Spanish investment funds lose almost at the same rate as the fall of Lehman Brothers


Volatility in the markets drags Spanish investment funds in 2018 to its worst data since 2012 -and since 2008 in terms of annual profitability-. According to figures published by Inverco, the assets they manage have fallen by 4,218 million euros in the year as a whole, which is 1.6% less year-on-year. And 4.6% of accumulated losses in the year.

This downward trend was not seen in the national market since 2012. In that year, the balance left by the year was 5,400 euros less, that is, a 4.23% of reduction with respect to the previous year.

Since 2012, the trend had been positive with very variable values ​​in each period … until 2018. This exercise started with positive news as the 1.3% in January, but the passage of months and the rise of global tensions have ruined the start of the year.

This December, according to the Inverco data, the volume of assets has experienced an adjustment of 6.233 million, 2.4% less than the previous month, until it was 258,905 million of euros in terms of equity.

In terms of profitability, luck has not smiled at Spanish funds either. In December they registered a negative return of 1.7% and, in the whole of the year, of 4.6%. In other words, losses. All of this is attributed, according to Inverco, to the current situation in the markets, with a special focus on equities due to the poor performance of the Bag Worldwide.

In 2017 said profitability was 2.64%. The last one in positive, adding, thus, a total of six exercises with that tendency. Just when the outlook for funds seemed to rebound definitively, this has hit back a sector that depends on the future of the markets.

Even, the statistics of profitability is close to that recorded in 2008, the year of the fall of Lehman Brothers and a turning point for the beginning of the economic crisis. Then, the losses were 5.59%, which is the worst figure for ten years.


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