March 3, 2021

Spanish hairdressers protest in 77 cities to demand a return to reduced VAT of 10%




The hairdressing and beauty salon sector has come out to the streets of 77 cities throughout Spain this Wednesday, as they did last October, to demand that the Government lower its VAT to 10% and promote a rescue plan for this activity that prevents the disappearance of thousands of jobs. Some concentrations organized by the “Alliance for the reduction of VAT to 10% to hairdressing and aesthetics”, which brings together the platforms «Believe in us» and «United Peluqueros de España», as well as the National Association of Personal Image Companies (ANEIP).

For the spokesman of the Alliance for the lowering of VAT to Hairdressers and Esthetics, José Luis Azañón, it is actually a “refund” as he recalls the sector had a VAT of 8% until September 2012 when provisionally due to the economic crisis it was established that this sector would have a normal VAT of 21%. A situation that continues today: «The sector could not absorb the 13 points of rise and moved it to its margins, so it became a purely subsistence sector, “he recalled.

In this regard, Azañón has pointed out that “the sector has dialysis on” and that it is estimated a drop in billing over the past year of 31.8% compared to 2019. Specifically, according to the latest study carried out by the Alliance, almost 25% of hairdressers and beauty salons have closed between March and December 2020. That is, some 17,000 establishments leaving 27,000 people unemployed and another 11,000 workers in ERTE limbo.

Covid takes 17,000 hairdressers ahead

In this line, they estimate that it remains 38,000 hairdressers and beauty salons in Spain but “their situation is dramatic: we can expect that, in this quarter, the same number of stores will close as in all of 2020”. That is, what would be a 50% contraction. Before the Covid, in Spain, there were 48,000 establishments of which about 24,000 had a single employee. Mainly women and young people. Both groups have been very impacted by the unemployment generated during the past year by the pandemic.

Word of Sánchez and Iglesias

It is not the only reason for injury to the hairdressers and beauty salons sector that confess to feeling betrayed by the current executive, formed by the PSOE and United We Can. Azañón has pointed out that in April 2018, just two months before the motion of censure, The PSOE signed a non-law proposal to ask the Government of Rajoy to recover the reduced VAT for this economic activity. Also in the Andalusian Parliament, under a socialist majority, a similar initiative was approved at that time. However, since then, “from the PSOE nothing but good words.”

For this reason, they regret that during the parliamentary processing of the last General State Budgets (PGE) the Socialist deputies were the only ones who voted against all the amendments presented in this line. Some criticism that the spokesman for the “Alliance for the reduction of VAT to 10% to hairdressing and aesthetics” has also extended to the minor partner of the Government, United We Can, «Despite having a letter signed by Pablo Iglesias in which he assured his support for the sector and its demands ”.

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