Spanish frightened and uncertainty on the border between Galicia and Portugal

The confusion generated by the new mobility restrictions decreed by the Portuguese government yesterday caused the fright of Spaniards on the other side of the "raia" (the border that separates Galicia from Portugal). This was especially noticed by the Valença fair-minded people, who calculated by 40% the collapse of the influx of customers to their traditional fair on Wednesdays. At the gates of the Constitution bridge they are “hoping that they make things clear so that people are encouraged to come; This bridge is very important to us, we are playing the Christmas campaign ”, he claimed Rui Pereira, a spokesman for the fairgrounds.

The limitations of the state of calamity took effect after several days of contradictory information by the Portuguese authorities, which yesterday clarified that for the Galicians it will only be necessary to teach the COVID passport European to cross into Portugal due to the average level of incidence of contagions that Galicia presented at the time the new standards were established. In other words, today it is not necessary to perform an antigen test or PCR to go to Portugal in the “raia” miñota, at least until the changes in level are reviewed.

To control compliance with the restrictions, the Portuguese Executive announced that random controls would be carried out at land borders, although these inspections have nothing to do with Fixed checkpoints that caused kilometer-long traffic jams in previous border closures. Yesterday, the Republican National Guard carried out some control on the bridge that connects Tomiño and Cerveira, but it did not interfere with traffic on the road, a relief, above all, for cross-border workers.

"We went to Valença to have coffee and I bought two vegetables to justify something in case they stopped me"

Rosa and Carmen - Neighbors of Tui


However, many of the Spaniards who crossed to Valença by the old international bridge of Tui did so without being very clear if they were breaking the law. It is the case of the tudenses Rosa Martinez and Carmen Diz, two "junkies" confessed to coffee from Portugal. "We went to have coffee and I bought two vegetables to justify something in case they stopped me," says Rosa, whose day to day passes between Tui and Valença. Although he assures that the new restrictions will not disrupt his routine and that he will continue to live in Portugal, he recognizes that it is an important setback for the Portuguese trade. "You can see the fear of the Spanish where there is a place to park," he told FARO.

“We did the antigen test to come; it was a trip we had planned and we didn't want to cancel it "

Susana and Pilar - Neighbors of Ourense


And he was right, already on the other side of the bridge the lack of Galicians could be sensed in the number of free parking spaces on foot from commerce and at the fair itself. "People are afraid of being fined"commented one of the showmen. Precisely to avoid it, the ourensanas Susana cudeiro and Pilar Rodriguez they crossed the border well prepared. “We did the antigen test to come; It was a trip that we had planned and we did not want to cancel it ”, confessed the tourists.

"The antigen test scares people away and the 'Raian' areas function differently"

Isabel Rodríguez - Merchant


"The antigen test scares people, "he valued Isabel rodriguez, a clerk in one of the businesses located in the fortress, with equal parts uncertainty and hope. "We expected many Spaniards on the bridge, but now we don't know what will happen," says this trader, emphasizing that "the 'Raian' areas work differently."

“Let them make things clear so that people are encouraged to come; we risk the Christmas campaign "

Rui, Carolina and Américo - Fairgrounds


Although the state of calamity in Portugal began yesterday, began to be noticed in the "raia" tudense late Tuesday afternoon, where the access of Portuguese vehicles to the Tui gas stations to fill their tanks and stock up on fuel bottles was completely collapsed. There were also many Spaniards who crossed into Portugal to rush their purchases before the mobility limitations announced by the Portuguese government, which increased the traffic jam on Avenida de Portugal, making it necessary for the Local Police to regulate traffic at one of the points. more critical: next to the gas station closest to the old international bridge of Tui.


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