Spanish directives say that integrating female talent is the economic challenge

Spanish directives say that integrating female talent is the economic challenge

The Spanish Federation of Women Directors, Executives, Professionals and Entrepreneurs (FEDEPE) affirmed in an act in New York that integrating female talent is the great global economic challenge, facing a "4.0 revolution".

In a round table held on the margins of the 63rd edition of the Commission on the Status of Women of UN Women, the president of FEDEPE, Ana Bujaldón, certified that "the alliance of women with innovation is the key to achieve equality in the company and in the society of the 21st century ".

The event, entitled "The great global economic challenge: strategies to integrate female talent in the 4.0 revolution" and organized by FEDEPE at the Cervantes Institute in New York, counted with the participation of entrepreneurs such as Estrella Jaramillo (B-wom), María Luisa Pineda (Envisagenics) or Francisca García Vizcaíno (Ilunion) and the representative of UN Women in Ecuador, the Spanish ex-minister Bibiana Aído.

"After 7 years, stereotypes are internalized, so we must influence equality education and change textbooks to promote women's access to leadership positions," said Bujandón.

Aido, exresponsible for Equality (2008-2010), said in a statement the need to develop policies to ensure the return of women to the positions they had in their companies before motherhood, "one of the main barriers when it comes to ascend.

The UN is celebrating these days various acts carried out by women in the highest representative positions, both in the political and economic spheres, aimed at enhancing their role in all areas.


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