Spanish companies expand their horizons

Spanish companies expand their horizons


Spain has managed to establish its leadership in the construction and maintenance of infrastructures in countries such as USA, Canada, Australia, Saudi Arabia, etc. With a margin of travel in emerging countries, as highlighted by Marta Blanco, president of CEOE International: "Although our greatest concentration in this type of projects is focused on American countries (such as the US or Canada and practically all of Latin America, with an important growth in Brazil, Colombia, Peru and Chile), infrastructure they are in a moment of great expansion throughout the world ».

The progressive economic and social growth in recent years of these countries, their great demographic expansion and a high migratory flow to the big cities make up the value chain to attract the contribution of the large Spanish companies.

"As for other markets (Blanco stands out), more activity is being detected in Europe, as in Poland, with a very consolidated construction sector." In the case of Denmark, ICEX Spain Exports and Investments, together with the Economic and Commercial Office of Spain in Copenhagen, organizes (on April 12 in Madrid) the "Femern Project: The big tunnel between Germany and Denmark 2019". This project of construction of a double submerged tunnel of 17.6 km will connect Denmark with Germany and will serve as a fixed link for rail and road traffic through the Strait of Femern (the total approximate amount of execution of the project amounts to 7,000 million) .

More chances

In Asia-Pacific, the president of CEOE International highlights the various opportunities in rail infrastructure, construction and transport: "By country, in India, the opportunities in the railway sector stand out; in Australia, infrastructure projects, water treatment or rail transport; and, likewise, there are opportunities for infrastructure and rail projects in different countries of the Southeast Asian region, such as the Philippines. " In this environment, China has shown great interest in huge infrastructures such as the «Mediterranean Corridor», as expressed by its president Xi Jinping in recent visits to Spain and Italy.

And the projects continue to expand in other latitudes, according to Blanco: "In the Middle East, Saudi Arabia, groups important infrastructure and rail projects. In the north of Africa, Morocco, Algeria and Egypt, they concentrate large projects related to water treatment and transport infrastructure, being the sub-Saharan Africa region, a great potential market for our Spanish companies ».

From CEOE they also stress, and as a strategic factor, the importance of undertaking these projects, with a high initial investment and a long period of exploitation, with PPP models (Public-Private Partnership). «The PPPs (highlights Blanco) have become a basic instrument, through which the public and private sectors interact, sharing rights, responsibilities and risks in the development of projects, a circumstance that through any other bidding model would be unfeasible »

The present and the future are marked by the combination of already established markets with the arrival of new development routes. An example of this happens, from March 27 to April 5, in the promotional actions of ICEX in Manila, New York, Dakar and Abidjan, with more than 60 Spanish companies, from different fields, interested in the business opportunities that it generates multilateral financing, with "partnerships" with institutions such as the Asian Development Bank, the African Development Bank and the United Nations European Recruitment Forum. New scenarios for new infrastructures.


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