April 11, 2021

Spanish clubs entered 2,013 million less in two years due to the covid

Javier Tebas presents Andrés Iniesta as LaLiga Icon.

Javier Tebas presents Andrés Iniesta as LaLiga Icon.

The impact of the pandemic coronavirus (covid-19) has meant a reduction in revenue of 2,013 million euros among all the clubs The league of football in the 2019-20 and 2020-21 seasons, 1,030 million net discounting the reduction in expenses by 984 million, according to the data offered this Tuesday by the Spanish professional football association.

According to these data, the impact was 366 million in the 2019-20 season with respect to the 5,167 million euros of total income estimated by the competition; while in this 2020-21 season the impact is 1,647 million compared to the 5,269 million expected income for this season.

On the whole, the decrease of 2,013 million represents a decrease in income of 19% compared to what the clubs expected to enter of the two main categories of Spanish football in those two campaigns, which were 10,436 million.

These figures are based on a study carried out for the Spanish football association by the consulting firm Price Waterhouse Coopers, which made an estimate of what Spanish clubs would have entered without the impact of the pandemic and compared the results with the 2019-20 revenues and those estimated for the current campaign.

Based on this estimate, the 2,013 million of revenue reduction in two seasons is distributed in 848 million less for the match day (tickets and season tickets), 146 million less for broadcasting rights, 221 million less for marketing, 727 million less for income from player transfers and 71 million less for advertising.

Faced with this situation, according to this study, the clubs reduced expenses during these two seasons by 984 million euros: 471 million in sports staff, 236 in cost of players and 277 million in other expenses.

In this way, the net impact of the pandemic was 1,030 million euros Between the two seasons, which LaLiga explained have been absorbed in different ways: 354 million using the profits from previous years, 8 million for capital increases and 743 million for the net increase in financing, between refinancing and new financing.

This debt will be repaid in 3 or 5 years, with which the impact of the covid will be amortized in those years by between 150 and 250 million per season until that impact disappears “, detailed the corporate general director of LaLiga, José Guerra.

“From this net impact and how the clubs are absorbing we have a net final situation of 75 million positive, they are getting more funds than they need,” added Guerra, who explained that the clubs are allocating these funds to infrastructure.

The president of the employer, Javier Tebas, considered that, although the decrease of 2,013 million in income between the two seasons is “a lot”, clubs have made “a terrible effort” to cut costs and get funding.

“It is important to compare what has happened with other leagues that have also suffered the covid, and the reductions in audiovisual income have been much greater, that is not by chance. In other competitions there are problems of payment of salaries in Italy and France, other clubs have requested state aid as in the premier (League) and we don’t, “he said.

Thebes warned that a summer of great operations should not be expected in the transfer market and considered “positive” that there have not been many hires in this winter market.

“Spanish football has made an important exercise of responsibility and we are moderately optimistic about the way out of the economic crisis to which we have been subjected,” said the president of LaLiga.


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