Spanish cinema of gangsters and lead | Culture

Director Dani de la Torre debuted three years ago with The unknown. He thriller he obtained eight nominations to the Goya, won two (best editing and sound) and, above all, put the spotlight of Spanish cinema on the Galician creator (Monforte de Lemos, 1975). After the surprise of The unknown, De la Torre now seeks confirmation with his second long, The shadow of the law. The film opens on October 11, but here we advance one of its sequences.

The film features Luis Tosar, Michelle Jenner and Ernesto Alterio among its protagonists. Set in 1921, it narrates the Spain of the years of lead and gangsterism. "In this situation of unrest, Anibal Uriarte is a policeman sent to Barcelona to assist in the arrest of the culprits of the theft of a military train." Hannibal and his forms do not find much support among his comrades, and soon the confrontations and mistrust begin. Inspector Rediú, a corrupt superior, "reads the official synopsis.


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