October 25, 2020

Spanish chef José Andrés transforms restaurants into “community kitchens” due to the coronavirus

Spanish chef José Andrés closed his restaurants in the Washington DC area as of Monday and announced that he will transform some of them into “community kitchens” to face the crisis caused by the spread of the coronavirus in the United States.

“All my restaurants in the DC area will be closed until further notice. Here at Think Food Group, the safety of employees and customers is a top priority. Some restaurants will be transformed into community kitchens to offer packed lunches to those who They need a meal, “José Andrés said in a message on his Twitter account.

The Spanish chef, known for his social work, assured that the aforementioned “community kitchens” are part of the efforts that World Central Kitchen, the organization through which he channels his humanitarian aid, will carry out throughout the United States “in the coming days and weeks. ”

The purpose, he said, is “to offer a plate of food to people in need during this emergency” created by the advancement of the coronavirus.

“We are in an unprecedented emergency … and as painful as it is, ALL restaurants, bars, etc … must be closed across the United States if we want to avoid what is happening in other countries. This is the only way.” the chef insisted.

The American authorities have prohibited the entry of foreigners from thirty countries, but only in some cities and states have local officials ordered the closure of restaurants and leisure centers, as in some European countries, when independent calculations put the contagions at more of 3,700 and 69 deaths in the US

The Asturian chef based in the United States recommended that people keep a safe distance to avoid contagion and the spread of the virus and said that “at this moment, loving each other means staying away from each other.”

“It is about us, the people. Each one of us has the responsibility to act for the others, not only for ourselves. We are all together in this fight … and we will win,” wrote José Andrés, who has led his work through World Central Kitchen to the US border with Mexico and to countries hit by humanitarian catastrophes such as Haiti, Puerto Rico and the Bahamas.


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