Spaniards will gain between 3 and 5 kilos on average during confinement

Spaniards will gain between 3 and 5 kilos on average during confinement due to lack of exercise, anxiety and excessive food intake, according to Deusto Salud, the continuous distance training center of the Planeta group.

The professors of the Deusto Salud Nutrition and Herbodietética Superior Course have recommended organization, vegetables and water to avoid putting health at risk during confinement.

According to these specialists, the feeling of anxiety about confinement and the epidemic is one of the triggers for eating unhealthy and unhealthy food.

It also influences that the lack of physical exercise these days is not accompanied by a reduction in calories consumed: "Although sport is more than advisable, lowering the caloric intake is the most appropriate option in case of not performing any physical routine", Deusto Salud teachers recommend.

"The goal of the period of confinement," they add, "should be to maintain weight so as not to jeopardize health."

Among the most useful remedies to avoid health problems is preparing a program to organize the different meals of the day, according to the purchase we make and the food we have in the fridge: "This will allow us to organize the week and be aware of the foods that we ingest ", they affirm.

Eliminating sauces, snacks, sweets, processed products and excess salt are other recommendations of nutritionists, who advise always eating with a light starter, such as vegetable soup, as well as not skipping any food.

Drinking water throughout the day, especially between meals, hydrates and works as a satiator, they remember.


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