July 24, 2021

Spaniards take a liking to responsible consumption

Spaniards take a liking to responsible consumption


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«The data from the observatory confirm that the Spaniards carry out a responsible consumption, more rational, we buy better and we have more information about what we are going to acquire, "says Liliana Marsán, head of the Department of Studies and Cetelem Observatory. Presented this morning in Madrid, where he is already going for his XXI edition, The report "breaks the trend of recent years»And shows a decrease in the number of consumers in practically all the sectors analyzed although the expense is maintained. "Many factors can influence to explain this decline, as socio-economic and political, but we believe that there will be a sharp decline in the coming years," says the responsible. In what refers to the way of buying of the Spaniards, «the online channel is positioned as the most consolidated but the specialized surface maintains its leadership in some sectors ».

Based on the results of 2,200 surveys conducted To consumers throughout the country, the study analyzes their behavior in the acquisition of goods and services in different sectors as well as their purchase intention. This year decreases the percentage of buyers in the eleven sectors analyzed except furniture and accessories (up two points) and appliances and kitchen furniture that remain stable compared to 2017. Spaniards have spent more money in 2018 in sports (74% of the respondents), travels (71%), telecommunications / digital (67%) and appliances / technology (66%) For next year, consumers are very cautious and Only purchase intentions increase in four of the sectors: electro / technology, mobile devices, furniture and accessories and kitchen furniture. Where Spaniards plan to spend more money in 2019 is in travel and tourism (71% of respondents), sport (63%), dental (60%), electro / technology (60%) and mobile devices (55 %).

As for the expense, Spaniards disbursed more money in the reform of the house with an average of 3,343 euros, 15% less than a year ago. In travel we spend an average of 1,200 euros, 5% more than in 2017 and kitchen furniture and accessories 769 euros, 16% more. The expenditure on appliances and technology has also risen, 498 euros on average, and in telecommunications / digital, 401 euros compared to 301 euros a year ago.

Sectors of consumption

In this edition of the observatory, each consumer sector is analyzed separately. He 66% of Spanish respondents has bought some type of household appliance in the last 12 months with an average cost of 498 euros. They have acquired mostly small appliances and computer products. 48% of the respondents have acquired some type of furniture, complement or resting furniture, especially accessories and decoration items. 23% of those questioned have spent money on the purchase of kitchen furniture, for the most part in terms of accessories and accessories. The reforms is another of the sectors that has cost more for the Spaniards this last year. 30% of those surveyed have had this payment, although for the most part they have been small reforms that have allowed them to continue living in the house.

48% of Spanish respondents have acquired some type of furniture or complement
48% of the Spanish respondents have acquired some type of furniture or complement – BELÉN RODRIGO

With regard to mobile devices, 64% of respondents have had this expense, with an average of 401 euros. By type of product are the smartphones of different brands to the Iphone and Samsung with 39% of mentions, the most acquired, with an average expenditure of 228 euros. They are followed by Samsung with 28% and 488 euros of average spending and in third place the accessories and accessories, with 27% and an average cost of 58 euros.

When talking about consumption in the sport, 73% of those questioned have had expenses in this sector with an average outlay of 155 euros (the biggest expense is due to textiles and footwear). And in the travels, where it affects 68% of the respondents, most of the money has gone to pay the hotel, followed by the plane and the apartment. Also they expenses at the dentist they affect a large number of Spaniards, with an average outlay of 485 euros. Implants are the ones that need more budget just like orthodontics. Another significant expense for Spaniards is that of glasses, both graduates and sunglasses, with an average annual contribution of 315 euros.

The report also includes an analysis of the consumer trends. "In order to acquire appliances and mobile phones, the Internet is consolidated as the first channel of purchase", reports Liliana Marsán, while to purchase furniture or sportswear, opt for specialized large stores. 68% of respondents have loyalty cards and uses it, especially in the food chain, gas stations, department stores and clothing chains. There has been a further decline in the number of consumers who admit buying products in the second-hand market, especially books and mobiles.

The average monthly cost of Spanish food is 328 euros and the average annual expenditure on fashion of 554 euros. And a more responsible consumption has been confirmed. «We asked if you consider the responsible purchase and 41% have said yes. These four years ago it was below 30%, "says the director of the Observatory.


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