February 25, 2021

Spaniards spend less on holidays than last year

Spaniards will spend 2,034 euros on average in summer vacations, an amount that goes down «Very slightly compared to last year», according to the conclusions of a report published this Wednesday by American Express. According to this study, 42% of respondents say they will spend between 1,000 and 2,500 euros, 33% will spend less than 1,000 euros, and 20% confirm that they will increase their budget for this year's holidays.

In addition, the analysis shows that 58% of Spaniards will spend between one and two weeks on vacation (the same figure as last year), and 33% will go from three weeks to one month (29% in 2018). However, this exercise, Spaniards who will choose a vacation over one month decrease from 5% to 3%. The report reveals that the average duration of the holidays rises slightly when ascending to 15.8 days. However, "Generation Z" and people over 50 exceed this figure with an average of 17 days.

With respect to national tourism, Spanish coasts remain the most demanded destination by Spanish tourists, with 51%. However, interest in domestic tourism drops by 7 percentage points compared to 2018, standing at 28%. By age, the "Z generation" and the Spaniards between 38 and 50 years old are the ones who prefer national tourism in all its aspects, and the "millennials" are the ones that most choose the Spanish coasts (53%).

On the other hand, accommodation and transport are maintained as the categories to which more budget is allocated, with 36% and 21%, respectively. The category dedicated to leisure activities rises by two points, standing at 13%. The hotel remains the preferred option, with 50%; Meanwhile he tourist rental increases by three points when registering 34%. As for the contracting of insurance, 25% of travelers will use their loyalty program this holiday, either to accumulate points, or to use the points to pay part of the vacation. In addition, 34% of respondents say they will hire additional insurance, with health coverage and cancellation being the most demanded.

Finally, it also indicates that credit and payment cards at the end of the month (47%) and debit cards (44%) are the most used payment systems by Spaniards on their days off, although the use of the latter decreases by three points against last year. By age, the widespread increase in the use of cards with deferred payment stands out, with Spaniards aged between 38 and 50 years who most choose this method (9%). The president and CEO of American Express in Spain, Juan Orti Ochoa de Ocáriz, stated that the vision of the company is to provide them with "the best experience in the world" and "security and ease" when it comes to paying.

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