Tue. Jan 28th, 2020

Spaniards in Oceania are the first to cast their vote for 10-N

The Spanish began to cast their vote in Oceania on Wednesday, ahead of the general elections in Spain on November 10, and by time differences they became the first in the world to vote.

The Spanish consul in the Australian city of Sydney, Manuel Molina, told Efe that New Zealand and then Australia were the first to vote in the world, stressing that their compatriots in this city "is the most vibrant in Asia Pacific."

Voting at the Spanish Consulate in Sydney began normally, Efe noted, although some older people had some problems because they did not have all the documentation.

"I am missing a piece of paper that is not important," Francisco Torres, who arrived in Australia 58 years ago, told Efe and has always tried to vote in the elections in his country, while Francisco García de la Viuda, who paid for the first time, He stressed that it was "a right" to be able to elect its rulers.

On the other hand, Malaga's Andrea de la Rosa, affirms to Efe that since she arrived in Australia she has voted "as many times as I can", while her friend, Madrid's Patricia Gutiérrez, who has been living in the country for almost 8 years Ocean explained that "many people have died so we can vote. It is my duty."

More than 20,000 Spaniards, 11,561 of them concentrated in the Australian city of Sydney, are entitled to vote in Oceania until Friday for these elections, which also allows those in Vanuatu and Papua New Guinea to do so by mail.

But of these thousands only 903 people have requested the vote in Sydney, and 644 in Melbourne and Canberra, according to the consul Molina.

In the case of New Zealand, 241 have requested the vote of a census of 1,047 people, Luis Angel Redondo, of the Second Headquarters of the Spanish Embassy in Wellington, told Efe, stating that the mailing ended on November 5 .

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