March 4, 2021

Spaniards consumed 5 hours and 40 minutes of audiovisual content in December

Consumption of audiovisual content.

Consumption of audiovisual content.

Spaniards over 18 years of age consumed in December 2020 a daily average of five hours and 40 minutes (340 minutes) of contents audiovisual, which represents a decrease of three minutes (-1%) compared to the previous month.

This follows from the ‘TV Report: The Rosco of Audiovisual Consumption’, corresponding to the month of December 2020, prepared by Barlovento Comunicación, with data from Kantar and Comscore.

According to the study, young boys between 18 and 24 years dedicated to the consumption of audiovisual content an average of three hours and 31 minutes (211 minutes), one minute less than in the previous month.

Regarding the case of adults 25 to 44 years, the report reflects that the daily audiovisual consumption in December 2020 was four hours and 35 minutes (275 minutes) on average per person, two minutes less (-1%) than in the month of November.

Also, in the group of people from 45 to 54 years, the daily audiovisual consumption recorded in December was five hours and 42 minutes (342 minutes) on average per person, two minutes less than in November.

Finally, in those over 55 Daily audiovisual consumption averaged six hours and 58 minutes (418 minutes) per person, which represents a decrease of five minutes in relation to the month of November 2020.


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