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Spaniards already spend almost 40,000 million online

Spaniards bought over the Internet a value of 39.243 million euros in 2018, 29% more than the previous year, growth that exceeds by more than three points that of the year 2017, which was 25.7%, according to data from the National Commission of Markets and Competition (CNMC).

Only the turnover of the last quarter of the year, which accumulate the "Cyber ​​Monday" at the beginning of December and Christmas shopping, added 10,820 million euros, 26.9% more than a year before and that is the largest turnover quarterly since records exist, according to the report published today by the supervising body. These data predict a meteoric growth for 2019.

By activity segments, during the last quarter of 2018, the sectors with the highest revenues were travel agencies and tour operators, with 11.5% of total turnover; air transport, with 8.6%, and clothing, in third place, with 6.8%.

Gambling and betting occupied the fourth place, with 4%, followed by artistic, sports and recreational shows (3.4%); hotels and similar accommodations (3.3%), land transport of travelers (3.3%); direct marketing (3.2%); subscription of television channels (3%) and appliances, image and sound (2.2%).

Between October and December of last year, quarter marked by the Christmas campaign, more than 205 million operations were registered, 33.2% more.

The segments that generated the most volume of operations were the land transport of passengers (7.6%); games of chance and betting (6.2%); discs, books, newspapers and stationery (5.4%) and clothing (5.2%).

Operational e-commerce pages in Spain accounted for 49.2% of revenues in the fourth quarter of 2018, while the remaining 50.7% corresponded to purchases originating in Spain made to e-commerce websites abroad.

The net external balance (the difference between what is purchased from abroad to Spanish websites and what is purchased from Spain abroad) showed a deficit of 3,726 million euros in 2018, 21% more than in the fourth quarter of 2008. 2017

By number of transactions, 41.1% of purchases are registered on Spanish websites and 59% on websites abroad. 95% of purchases from Spain abroad go to the European Union and 2% to the United States. On the other hand, purchases from the European Union accounted for the largest part of the volume of business of websites in Spain, with 70% of the total. Behind were the Central Europe, the Middle East and Africa (10.2%); Latin America (7.2%) and the Asia Pacific region (6%).

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