September 21, 2020

Spain, world champion of hockey skates for the seventh time – La Provincia

The Spanish women's hockey team skates has been proclaimed world champion for the seventh time after winning, in the match played at the Palau Blaugrana in the framework of the World Roller Games that are being played in Barcelona, ​​Argentina (5-8).

Those of Ricardo Ares, who two years ago also prevailed in the final to the Argentines with the same score (7-5), continue like this Increasing the legend of hockey Spanish women's skates with the seventh world title, the third consecutive. In this way, they settle in the head of the sport worldwide and increase their advantage with respect, precisely, to Argentina, with five gimped.

Its planetary domain joins the clear superiority at continental level, where they have won the last five editions of the European Championship – they have six titles – the last of them in a very long final against Portugal that had to be resolved more than 15 days after starting, when one minute and 45 seconds remained, for the damage caused in the pavilion of the Portuguese town of Mealhada due to the passage of Hurricane Leslie (4-2).

Berta Busquets was in charge of opening the light of the Palau Blaugrana four minutes after the start of the match against the South American champions; With a shot falling, the Barcelona put the 0-1.

Luciana Agudo equalized the contest at nine minutes, but on the next play Marta Piquero responded to the Argentine goal by putting Spain ahead again. Again Agudo, with nine minutes left, put the equalizer for the South Americans, but Laura Puigdueta went up 2-3 with less than three minutes left for the break.

Also contributing to the advantage was the goalkeeper Laura Vicente, who made a couple of decisive stops and who left her place to Teresa Bernadas in the second half; the goalkeeper avoided the goal of Argentina in the first minutes, but could not do anything soon after the albiceleste Lorena Rodríguez (3-3).

Again, the rapid reaction of Spain, with Busquets, put ahead of Ares, and only a minute later a goal by Piquero opened gap (3-5). Even so, the Argentines, again through Agudo, came closer than a quarter of an hour and, although Sara Gonzalez returned to make the two goals, Adriana Soto pressed the score again (5-6).

It was a debutant, the Corunna Maria Sanjurjo, who was in charge of tying the seventh World Cup; first, with five minutes remaining, he put the 5-7 penalty, and with only a few seconds left he made the final 5-8.

A) Yes, Spain completes a brilliant championship, where he finished first the group stage by beating Switzerland (9-0), Chile (2-3) and France (0-7) and where he beat Germany (0-7) in the quarterfinals and Italy (2-4) ) in the semifinals.

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