Spain won 303,228 new registrants in 2019 and already exceeds 47 million inhabitants

The biggest growths took place in the Community of Madrid (6,663,394 registered), 85,315 more censored people; Catalonia (7,675,217), 75,152 more; and the Valencian Community (5,003,769), 40,066 more

A total of 303,228 more people registered in the municipal register in 2018 in Spain, according to the data published by the Official State Gazette (BOE), which reflects an increase in those registered in all communities, except in Asturias, Castilla y León, Extremadura and Galicia.

The data that the BOE has released on Friday and that refer to the population registered in the municipal register as of January 1, 2019 indicate that 47,026,208 people were censored in 2018 compared to 46,722,980 the previous year.

Asturias, with 1,022,800 people in the census in 2018, lost 5,444 registered compared to 2017; Castilla y León, with 2,399,548 registered 9,616 less; Extremadura, with 1,067,710, had a decrease of 5,153, and Galicia, with 2,699,499, accounted for 2,244 less.

See on this map the municipalities that have won and lost population

In 2018, the highest growth in the registered population took place in the Community of Madrid (6,663,394 registered), which means 85,315 more censored people; followed by that of Catalonia (7,675,217), 75,152 more; of the Valencian Community (5,003,769), 40,066 more and Andalusia (8,414,240), 29,832 more.

As for the autonomous cities, the BOE details that Ceuta had 84,777 people enrolled in the 2018 registry, representing a decrease of 367 people in relation to 2017, while Melilla, with 86,487, had won 103 registered.

According to the Official State Gazette, these figures will be published shortly by the National Statistics Institute (INE), which is the body to which municipalities throughout Spain have submitted the data of their municipal standards so that they can prepare this population census. EFE


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