Spain wins the U-17 Women's World Cup | sports

Spain wins the U-17 Women's World Cup | sports

Spanish women's football was missing a World Cup, and the girls of the U-17 team trained by Toña Is made it this Saturday against Mexico in the final in Montevideo (2-1). Spain only has two other World Cups, both in the men's category: the one achieved by the sub-20 in Nigeria in 1999 and the one that arrived in 2010 in South Africa by some of those players who no longer thought of the Cardeñosa ruling, in the Tassotti's elbow or the rest of the curses. If anything was demonstrated by Is players during this World U-17 and especially during the final is that they also participate in that state of mind: like the great teams, they play with the joy of knowing that they owe nothing to anyone and with the fearlessness that It demands to open the way. The signals that they emit allow to imagine them disputing the world-wide scepter to equipment that until now seemed unattainable like Germany or the United States.


Spain: Cata Coll; Jana Fernández, Eva Méndez, Nevado; Irene López (Peña, m.76), Eva Alonso, Paola Hernández (Arana, m.89); Eva Navarro, Claudia Pina, Paralluelo (Salvador, 66). Not used: P. Suárez, Mérida, Pala, Okoye, Uriarte, Arana, M. López, Ainhoa ​​Marín (injured).

Mexico: Gutiérrez; Reyes, Carreto, Soto, Ríos; Mauleón, Flores, Pérez, Vázquez (Díaz, m.46); Castro (Avilez, m.67), Alison (Arellano, m.77). Not used: Melany, Gómez, Granados, Buso, Peralta, Escobar, Álvarez.

Goals: 1-0. M. 16. Claudia Pina. 2-0. M. 26. Claudia Pina. 2-1. M. Castro.

Referee: M. Beaudoin (Can). He admonished Reyes, Nevado and Tejada.

Charrúa Stadium in Montevideo (Uruguay), about 11,000 spectators.

When it is necessary to explain why football has become among the young women in a sport as popular as basketball or volleyball have been in the last decades, it will be necessary to surround 2018 in red. While fear and apathy have gripped the men's soccer team, women have been, just this year, European champions U17 and U19 and sub-champions of the U-20 world. Prudently, Toña Is commented on the phone one day before the final: "I do not want to have any illusions. In France I made them and what happened happened. " The facts showed that there was no reason for so many reservations, although the result was uncertain until the last minutes.

Spain showed soon that not only wanted to win the World Cup final, but also deserve it. Not a minute had gone by when the Mexicans, who reached the final with a style based on possession of the ball similar to the one practiced by La Roja, were forced to seclude themselves in their field. The ball circulated with speed, the Spanish moved with dynamism and Eva Navarro and Salma Paralluelo were two daggers. The speed of both justified the change of Is system at the beginning of the tournament: the Asturian wanted the midfielders and Claudia Pina to be profiled when receiving to search quickly for the band. On the key day they worked better than ever.

Spain hurt outside, but the first goal was cooked and it was eaten by Claudia Pina alone in the area. The 17-year-old Catalan controlled, dribbled and scored, and showed once again why she is the youngest player to debut at Barcelona, ​​a club with a special eye for talent. The second goal found Pina, one of the top scorers of the tournament with seven goals, where are the nines: in the center of the area. Before, Eva Navarro took the chain to his pair with the same bike that has been doing the whole tournament. As always has happened with the big extremes, the rivals know the dribble that will do not help them to prevent it.

When the ghost of the win glided over Charrúa Stadium, the Mexicans, overcome during the first part, cut distances in an exercise of integrity and faith. Denise Castro took advantage of doubts in the Spanish defense in an air ball and scored almost without wanting to. However, Spain went to rest with the impression of having been able to score two or three more goals, especially thanks to the bleeding of centers and passes that came from the band of the unstoppable Navarro.

The Americans started the second part with the idea of ​​taking the initiative: Nayeli Días, incombustible, tried to open the Mexican game on the right, but Spain did not break down. From time to time, as a warning, Cata Coll jumped lines with a long ball to the back of the Mexicans, who advanced the lines in search of the second goal.

Little by little the nerves caught the Spaniards, who forgot that one of the greatest strengths of Mexico is the set piece. Those of Mónica Vergara began to step on Spanish field and to throw faults and corners frequently. Is responded with bravery: instead of sending back, he scored the midfield when retiring Irene López, very tired, to give entry to Leire Peña and press the ball out of the Mexicans.

But Vergara's were determined to fight the battle until the end. Avilez, who had his boots loaded with danger, generated panic in the goal of Cata Coll with the typical shot with a parabola looking for the space between the crossbar and goalkeepers who are still a little tall at that age. But the Mexican bombing was only the prelude to a happy ending. After the disappointment of France, Is, at last, wept with joy, and her players embraced not to console themselves, but to dance.

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