Thu. Mar 21st, 2019

Spain wins in its second match in the World Handball (32-25)

Spain wins in its second match in the World Handball (32-25)

The Spanish handball team achieved its second victory in the World Cup in Denmark and Germany on Sunday beat in Iceland to Iceland by 32-25.

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Spain (that in its first party beat by 33-23 to Bahrain) and won by 19-14 at halftime. Since he scored the first goal of the game, It was not at any time behind on the scoreboard. A solidity that allowed him to overcome his hesitant start of the game, in which the "Hispanos" were again burdened by the lack of success in the pitch that already tarnished his victory against Bahrain. Lack of effectiveness that prevented the "Hispanos" take advantage of the three exclusions with which he was punished in the first ten minutes of play the Icelandic team, which confused at times the intensity with an unnecessary hardness.

But even so he stopped looking for his second-line players the Spanish team, knowing that sooner or later the extremes and pivots would demonstrate the effectiveness that has placed them among the best on the planet. As it did not take long to happen. And it is that at the moment in which the Spanish exteriors, especially Ferrán Solé, who had seen as Agust Bjorgvinsson had stopped him up to two pitches in a row, toFinished the aim, Spain began to distance itself in the score (7-5). But to end the resistance of Iceland, a team that already put in many difficulties last Friday to Croatia, did not only need to increase the effectiveness of the goal, but also increase one point more defensive intensity.

Especially to contain the great Icelandic star, the player of Barcelona Aron Palmarsson, to which the Spanish defense left him more than the due, which the Nordic side did not miss to score up to four goals. An imbalance that Spain would soon correct, which allowed not only end the run of Palmarsso, but and perhaps most importantly, start to recover balls to feed the speedy backlash game of Jordi Ribera.

So to the race, l"Hispanos" were placed with a more than interesting advantage of five goals (16-11) to little more than five minutes for the conclusion of the first period. An income that the Spanish team knew how to keep with the trade until the break (19-14), despite the final emergence of the side Olafur Gudmundsson, who took the relief to Palmarsson in the Icelandic team.

Specific actions that did not diminish the confidence of the Spanish team in their plan, all a sample of the maturity that has reached this group of players, who have a blind faith in their own style of play that really makes them unique. Maturity that allowed the "Hispanics" to survive the carousel of exclusions that became the beginning of the second period, never letting Iceland get closer than three goals (22-19) on the scoreboard.

One more sign of the strength of a team, which at the time he again took a step forward in defense, escaped again on a scoreboard, that the "Hispanics" seemed to leave finally sentenced with seven goals advantage (27-20) that reached seventeen minutes to the conclusion. Difference that seemed to relax to Spain, that without the maximum tension returned to fall in the same errors of launching of the beginning of the encounter. Failures that did not miss Iceland to get close to only three goals (27-24), Iceland helped goal Gustavsson to give some war at the end, with a partial 0-4, but did not jeopardize the victory of Jordi Ribera. Spain returned to focus on defense through Dani Sarmiento, also effective in the opposite goal, and confirmed the potential and game idea that seeks to take his third star.

The 'Hispanics' add up two wins, like Macedonia and Croatia, without falling into relaxation despite his favoritism, to plug his game into the 'Main Round' from which the semifinal crosses will come.


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