Spain will overcome it

It is going to be a bad year, especially for tourism, the nation's main industry

These are not good days for anyone, but our country will undoubtedly get ahead, it will overcome it, even if it is a hard time, both personally, in our family, at work and, in short, in Spain.

The nation's main industry, tourism, is not going to have a good year, it goes without saying. It is going to be a bad 2020. Less activity, more unemployment, more debt and more deficits are forecast, and self-esteem is once again on the weak side.

It happened to us during the previous economic crisis, when saying that you were Spanish, that your company was Spanish, was almost equivalent to the plague, never better said. Now, a certain aroma of racism is beginning to circulate, very much in the Donal Trump style, towards the Spanish and the European, towards "the foreign", just as it happened a few weeks ago with the Chinese.

It is not time for racism or populism or biased political tirades, but rather for responsibility.

The country must know that we are once again (hopefully not) facing a crisis that will be profoundly deep in economic terms, lasting, but that we will overcome it after all, as has almost always happened in Spain in the worst and most difficult situations. With sacrifice, effort and making the right decisions at all times.

Our political class must know that this is not the time for photos or videos. It is time to face reality without camouflage. Time to work. It is in circumstances such as these that those who have been elected to govern are portrayed.


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