Spain will go "for all" against Sweden to get the ticket to Qatar

The national team players joke before training at La Cartuja.

The national team players joke before training at La Cartuja.

The unexpected defeat of Sweden in Georgia paved the classification of Spain for him Qatar World Cup 2022. Spain is worth this Sunday (8:45 pm. 1) the draw against the Scandinavian team to seal the group leadership and with it a World Cup passport that in recent years is almost taken for granted, but that had been significantly complicated. The repechage threat is still there, but although the combined Luis Enrique It is difficult for him to knock down minor teams, it is also difficult to knock out 'La Roja'. The plan remains the same as a few days ago: win.

"Two of the three results are worth us, but we are not going to speculate, to think about not risking. Let's go for all, like in the Eurocup and in the Nations League", advanced this Saturday the Asturian coach, who assures that the Swedish puncture does not change his idea." We started talking about pressure and needing two victories to go to the world. Nothing has changed. We are closer, but the plan remains, the results do not affect our mentality. "

Katalinski's ghost

Spain has not missed a World Cup since 1974, when the Katalinski's goal in the playoff game against Yugoslavia He left the selection of Ladislao Kubala out of the German appointment. Missing Qatar would be especially painful, since the League will also have to stop for a month (between November and December) without 'La Roja' being in action. The play-off, a single-game double elimination with Serbia, Russia, Croatia or Poland as possible rivals is a scenario to avoid.

Sweden has not been an easy rival lately for Spain, which fell in the first leg in Stockholm and did not go 0-0 in the opening of the Eurocup. "He defends very well, he has no problems doing it close to his area and he has fast players who can put you in danger to space and counter-attack, also from set pieces," Luis Enrique analyzes about the selection of Isak and IbrahimovicAlthough in his own country it is debated whether the Milan striker makes the Scandinavian bloc worse.

Morata relives his nightmare

Sunrise and Busquets aim to return to Luis Enrique's eleven, just like to usually do and Dani Olmo. It also seems that it will repeat Morata, in a stadium, La Cartuja, where he lived a nightmare in the Eurocup. Missing a clear chance, precisely against Sweden, cost him whistles and even insults to his family. Luis Enrique went beyond asking for a full stadium: "That in the moments we have to suffer we suffer together and they help us in the difficult moments. This is not going to be a party until the end of the game is called".

The coach already lived in Seville, in 1993, a World Cup qualification in extremis against Denmark, and assured that the feelings are now the same: "As a player I always slept wonderful before the game and then very badly. Now the same, before I sleep like a child and after, not drunk".


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