Spain will develop "immediately" standards to comply with the EU directive on plastics

Spain will develop "immediately" standards to comply with the EU directive on plastics

The Spanish Secretary of State for the Environment, Hugo Morán, said today that Spain is going to elaborate "with immediate character" the necessary legislation to comply with the future directive that will limit the plastic cups or straws of a single use, on which has reached a political agreement.

"There has been an agreement between the Council, the European Commission and the Parliament that definitively unblocks the implementation of a mechanism of action in all the countries of the Union," said Morán on the pact reached on Wednesday.

"In the case of Spain, it is going to mean that with immediate effect we are going to start up the process of elaboration of the regulations of plastics of a single use," he announced.

For the Spanish Secretary of State, this agreement marks "a before and after in the evolution of the ability to generate standards" by the EU and in the management of environmental policies.

"I think this represents a process of meeting between European citizens, the world of science and the capacity for political action," he said.

Morán asked to connect the environmental policies and that they are not understood "in an encapsulated form", so that the actions regarding single-use plastics have "as a correlate an immediate action capacity for water management".

"We understand that, on behalf of the EC, the process of activating the drinking water management model should be accelerated," he said.

Morán also alluded to the last UN conference on climate change in the Polish city of Katowice, after which "Europe has to take a leap forward in terms of climate action, incorporating the whole set of environmental policies and not disintegrating them."

"Water, plastics and intervention in terms of environmental protection are currently a substantial program, very important in the EU, which we hope will help our country, in turn, the ability to implement some actions that are currently in doors to see translation in normative matter, "he explained.

On the possibility of establishing a quota for the use of 2% biofuels in the aviation sector, Morán recalled that after the meeting of European ministers in the city of Graz during the Austrian presidency of the Council of the EU there has been "ample degree meeting between all countries on the need to implement ambitious objectives in mobility policies ".

On the other hand, he pointed out that Spain "continues to miss the need to make a more specific, more concrete action, with more capacity to set objectives or horizons, both in the field of maritime transport and in the field of transport. aerial".

"It is probably the pending issue that we now have, we are not unaware that we are talking about an element that requires an agreement or agreement beyond the EU itself," he acknowledged.

But in any case he defended "establishing objectives in the field of air and maritime transport because, in addition, it is currently a rapidly growing sector."


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