Spain will change the Covid-19 surveillance system to stop notifying all cases

There will come a time when the coronavirus will be watched as one more respiratory disease and we are getting closer to that point. The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has confirmed that the health authorities are working on a new system to "evaluate the evolution of the coronavirus into an endemic disease." This debate must be opened at a technical and European level ", he assured in an interview on Cadena Ser.

The outbreak of contagion forces a change in the management of the pandemic due to the collapse of the system

The outbreak of contagion forces a change in the management of the pandemic due to the collapse of the system

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The Ministry of Health assures that there is still no date to change the way of monitoring Covid-19, but the process, started in 2020, is facing its final phase. The transition is to stop counting each case. Abandon exhaustive and universal notification - now completely overwhelmed by the explosion of infections - to move to "sentinel" surveillance, how have you progressed The country, which has already been applied for years with illnesses such as the flu.

Building a sentinel system implies selecting a group of toilets and health centers that form a significant sample and distributed throughout the territory that allows photographing how the disease spreads through extrapolation.

The Alerts and Health Emergencies Coordination Center, the National Epidemiology Center, the Alerts Report and the autonomous communities will intensify the meetings starting this week to definitively take the step, although what is done will have to be coordinated with European authorities, given the notification system is not local. Epidemiologists agree that it is still early days and warn that it is not a decision that needs to be made without having passed the peak of the sixth wave.

In recent weeks, however, political decisions have revealed that Spain is inaugurating a change in the way it deals with the pandemic almost two years after its outbreak, also forced by the saturation of the system and the apparent less seriousness of the variant. omicron.

The elimination of quarantines for vaccinated contacts has been joined by the shortening of isolations ten to seven days and a new way of handling contacts: tracking is reduced to areas considered at risk, such as residences, and testing vulnerable patients or patients with severe symptoms is prioritized. In addition, children under 12 years they will only have to quarantine if the positives in your class exceed five.

"We must respond with new instruments more linked to vaccination and self-protection," said President Sánchez after announcing that the Government will buy 344,000 doses of Pfizer's antiviral drug in January, which reduces the possibility of hospitalization due to coronavirus by 88% , and will regulate the price of antigen tests purchased in pharmacies. Sánchez considers the supply shortage to be resolved but has not explained how he intends to introduce those price control measures.


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