August 7, 2020

Spain wants an EU budget 2021-2027 greater than the one planned by Finland

The acting Economy Minister, Nadia Calviño, said Wednesday that Spain wants the European Union budget for 2021-2027 to be higher than the one proposed by Finland – which occupies the presidency this semester – a plan that has received a "cold" "hosted by the majority of partners.

The document submitted by Finland, which will serve as the basis for the first negotiation on the figures for the future multiannual financial framework, proposes expenditure commitments of 1,087 million euros, the equivalent of 1.07% of the joint gross national income of the Twenty-seven .

This represents a cut of 48,000 million euros – mainly charged to cohesion funds – with respect to the initial proposal of the European Commission, which amounted to 1.11% of the joint gross national income of the Twenty-seven (without the United Kingdom).

"We have been defending a higher budget than the one proposed by the European Commission and that which is currently in the negotiating box that the Finnish presidency has put on the table," Calviño told reporters upon arrival at the Eurogroup meeting in Brussels.

The Spanish minister considered that the acceptance of the plan has been "quite cold, if not negative, by almost all Member States," but recalled that there is still a lot of negotiation ahead.

"The important thing is that an agreement is reached before the end of 2020 and as soon as possible," said Calviño, who said, however, that it must be "acceptable and satisfactory, that it responds to the priorities of the Spanish Government."

The minister stressed that it is not about negotiating only the amount of the accounts, but what policies they want to use.

For Spain, he recalled, it is important the Common Agricultural Policy and "strengthen the cohesion instruments", in particular the structural funds, but also those policies "that build Europe", such as the Erasmus program, the Horizon Europe -of research and science- or the new defense and security policy.

"That is the position we have been defending and we will defend in the coming months," Calviño said.

The heads of State and Government of the EU will have at the summit on 12 and 13 December the first debate on the figures of the multiannual financial framework that must enter into force in 2021, a long and traditionally difficult negotiation that is complicated this year also by leaving the United Kingdom.

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