July 12, 2020

Spain urges the end of the blockade of oil production in Libya

The Government has expressed on Tuesday its “great concern” about the deterioration of the economic situation in Libya and has made an urgent call to end the blockade of oil production, a resource that it has defended, “belongs to the whole of the Libyan people “

In a statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Executive underscores the need to ensure the proper functioning of oil facilities and the management unit in charge of the Libyan National Petroleum Company (NOC), under the authority of the Government of National Accord.

He warns that the deterioration of the country’s economic situation aggravates the situation of its population, immersed in a long conflict, and therefore calls on the Libyan leaders to strengthen economic institutions.

The Government reiterates in the note its commitment to the stability, sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity of Libya and its support for the United Nations efforts in the search for a political solution to the crisis.

The Libyan National Oil Company on Friday denounced the presence of mercenaries, mainly Russian, in the Al Sharara oil field, located in the southwest of the country and essential for the supply of Tripoli and the financing of the Government of National Agreement supported by the UN in the capital.

In a statement released through social networks, the NOC accused these Russian soldiers of fortune and other nationalities, who are linked to the forces under the command of Marshal Jalifa Hafter, tutor of the executive not recognized internationally in the east Libya and strong man of the country, to maneuver to prevent the Libyan oil industry from recovering.

The presence of foreign mercenaries has multiplied in recent months in Libya, turning the ongoing fratricidal conflict since 2015 into a fully privatized multinational war, waged by local militias and Private Military Security Companies (PSMC) from countries such as France, the United Kingdom, Russia, Turkey, Sudan, Syria and Cha.


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