Spain U-17 defeats New Zealand and will fight in the final for the first World Cup for women's football | sports

Spain U-17 defeats New Zealand and will fight in the final for the first World Cup for women's football | sports

Spain is in the final of another World Cup, this time thanks to the prolific female baseball, which increasingly offers more reasons for hope and more happiness. Those of Toña Is managed the pass this Wednesday in Montevideo, in the Charrúa Stadium, before the Cinderella of the semifinal, the industrious New Zealanders (2-0), who can leave the tournament proud of their performance: "We have gone further than any another sports discipline of our country, "said his coach, Leon Birnie, at the press conference before the game.

New Zealand can go with the head high especially because they managed that during the first half hour of the match it was not at all clear that the Spaniards were going to fulfill their role as favorites. Birnie's were planted in the field of the Spanish with two compact blocks, well worked, and a high pressure exerted en bloc by the four players in the midfield to hinder the departure of the ball.

Spain reproduced before kiwis the problems he already manifested against North Korea in the circulation of the ball. Irene López, who was born to be an orchestra director, is in the midfield of a 4-2-3-1, too far from the exit of the ball to order traffic, while Paola Hernández and Eva Alonso, the double pivot, he cares more about order than creation.

With New Zealand expanded and Spain falling into a vulgar game, the first part became a duel between the two extreme right-handers, Eva Navarro and Rennie. Far away, for now, from the fashion of playing a changed band, both sought to take advantage of their speed to tilt the game from their band. Navarro did it also enabled by forward Claudia Pina. The Barcelona striker, daughter of her football school, descuelga with cunning as false nine to open spaces and look for Paralluelo and Navarro herself. Three times the player of Levante percussed on the right wing, and Rennie responded by overflowing two by his band and leaving a ball behind for Fraser to puncture his striker on the crossbar of the goal defended by Cata Coll. It was the biggest hurry the team went through.

Spain found the goal before football thanks to the nerves of Mackay-Wright. The central New Zealand could not clear with forceful a center reached from the right in the umpteenth incursion of Navarro. Pina, who is already the second top scorer of the tournament with five goals, took advantage of the ball that was dead in the area to make the 1-0 on the edge of rest.

With the goal and the end of the first 45 minutes, Is's nerves were shaken. In the second part the ball moved, if not with more speed, yes with more clarity, with Irene Lopez closer to the places where the game is built. It was she who scored 2-0 in the 47th minute after another rebound in Mackay-Wright's semifallo. The volley, played from the front of the big area to the pot soon, entered the post and had the virtue of showing the technical qualities of a player called to lead the game of a whole generation. It was one of the best goals of the tournament.

The kiwis They capitulated with the second goal and, hopeless, they abandoned the suffocating pressure of the first part so as not to risk and not leave their World Cup brighter with a bulky result. Is also understood and withdrew López and Navarro, knowing that his boots will pass much of the possibilities of Spain in the final on Saturday (against Mexico or Canada). The girls of the sub-17 have been quoted with the story.

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