February 27, 2021

Spain, to the tail of Europe in electromobility, according to Anfac

Spain is at the tail of Europe in terms of electromobility of the car fleet, according to the barometer that the Anfac manufacturers association produces quarterly and which values ​​both the penetration of the electric vehicle and the implementation of charging points.

According to the last barometer, Spain closed 2019 with a global penetration of 16.4 points out of one hundred, three tenths more than in the third quarter, but well below the European average at 28, located at 27.9 points (3 points more ).

Thus, Spain was placed in the fourth quarter of last year for the first time in Europe’s last position due, according to Anfac, the poor development of infrastructure and the need to increase the delivery rate of these vehicles, in a general fall environment of the enrollments.

The barometer adds that although sales of pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids continued to grow in the last months of 2019, they did so at a “slower” pace and well below the European Union average.

With a penetration of the electric vehicle of 16 points, Spain remains in the last positions of Europe (26.4 points on average), just ahead of Italy (14.1) and Czech Republic (11.5) and far away from countries like Norway (327.6 points), Holland (99.3 points) or Portugal (38.4 points).

In the case of recharge infrastructures, Spain closed the year in the last position, despite rising 6 tenths and reaching 16.7 points. In Europe to 15 countries, the average was 27.3 points.

Italy (34.8 points), which in the third quarter occupied the last position, climbed to the top positions thanks to its strong commitment to electro-mobility and its intense boost in recharge infrastructures.

For Anfac, the data shows that it is necessary to promote the penetration of electromobility, with support both for the purchase of electric vehicles and for the deployment of a network of sufficient and efficient public charging points that provide security and confidence in users.


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