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Spain ties in Germany and closes 2018 without losses | sports

Spain ties in Germany and closes 2018 without losses | sports

Spain proved in Erfurt that it knows how to compete very well and that it knows how to play football very well. He stood up to Germany, second in the FIFA ranking in the last game -friendly- of 2018. He only lacked killer instinct in front of the goal to be able to defeat the German team. He did not have it in all three hands with goalkeeper Frohms and missed the clearest goal chances. In the first part Amanda Sampedro took too long to shoot; in the second Nahikari he sinned in generosity. Instead of finishing, he looked for Mariona; the pass was lost in the rival defense. Patri Guijarro also tried it when there were ten minutes left until the end of the match: without space he stung the ball, but the German goalkeeper deflected it once again.

There were more chances for Spain: like the great foul sent by Amanda Sampedro in the 18th minute that did not enter because Frohms stretched like chewing gum. Or like the shot, again by Nahikari, in the 83rd minute, which went away by very little. The one of this afternoon (0-0) was the last party of 2018 for the Spanish selection that finishes the year without defeats and that it waits now, in the raffle of the 8 of December, its rivals in the World-wide one of France that begins the 7 of June.

Rhythm and circulation asked Jorge Vilda, the coach, shouting from the technical area. It had it Spain in the first part and also in the second (that started with a great finish of Mariona), after stopping the acceleration of Germany. The Germans, who in the first part had only created a set-piece danger, were planted in the area of ​​Spain again and again during the first ten minutes of the second half. Until then, the selection of Vilda had defended with the lines very close and pulling the offside very well. It was a flash, which sparked again in the last eight minutes of the game, because Spain managed to recover the ball and control the game. He showed courage against one of the powers of world football.

As in the friendly against Poland last Thursday, Vilda moved the score between the first and second part. He left with: Lola Guerrero; Torrejón, Pereira, Mapi, Corredera; Pebble, Meseguer, Losada; Amanda Sampedro, Mariona Caldentey and Putellas. She changed goalkeeper at halftime (Sandra Paños) and replaced Vicky Losada (for Sánchez Falcón) and Amanda Sampedro (for Nahikari) in the 58th minute; Torrejón (by Celia Jiménez) in 77 and Mariona (by Lucía García) in 85.

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