January 24, 2021

Spain, the country that receives the most ‘spam’ by email

Spain is the country that receives the most junk mail.

Spain is the country that receives the most junk mail.

Spain continues to be the country that receives the most emails with dangerous ‘spam’ links, with 7.76 percent of the total worldwide, according to data from the cybersecurity company Kaspersky for the third quarter of 2020.

During the second trimester, Spain was already the first in the world ranking of ‘spam’, with 8.38 percent of all emails of this type, and it was also in the first quarter of 2020, with 9.66 percent.

Now, Kaspersky has repeated its analysis of ‘spam’ by email around the world and Spain has once again been the country hardest hit by this threat, although the percentage continues to decrease slightly compared to previous periods.

So, 7.76 percent of users who received ‘malware’ in their email were Spanish, as reported by Kaspersky in a statement.

As was the case during the first quarter of the year, Germany has placed second, with 7.05 percent of the total, while Russia is third on the list, with 5.87 percent.

Issuing countries

Regarding the ranking of countries from where more ‘spam’ is sent, the first position is occupied by Russia, with 23.52 percent of the total and registering significant growth compared to the second quarter of the year.

In second position is Germany, with 11.01 percent, and thirdly, the United States, which emits 10.85 of the ’emails’ with malicious links.

Although it is the main recipient, Spain is in the eighth position of this classification, and is responsible for 2.52 percent of outgoing ‘spam’ internationally.

Regarding the average percentage of ‘spam’ in global email traffic, this was 48.91 percent, which represents a decrease of 1.27 percent compared to the period of April, May and June covered in the previous report.

Regarding ‘phishing’ attacks, Mongolia is the country with the highest proportion of attacked users, with 54 percent of the total, followed by Israel (15.24 percent) and France (12.57 percent).

In this same area, Spain has registered 8.10 percent, which places it as the eighth most affected European country after France, Portugal, Belgium, Lithuania, Hungary, Greece and Albania.


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