Spain takes the temperature to third-country travelers and agrees to establish sanitary corridors

In an interview on the Cadena Ser, collected by Europa Press, Marlaska specified that these passengers, upon arrival, pass a check by Foreign Health personnel in order to know where they are going to stay in order to check that they meet the conditions from quarantine. According to the order, they will only be allowed to leave the home to buy food, pharmaceuticals and basic necessities; go to health centers and other displacements for reasons of force majeure or need. Of course, they must wear a mask on a mandatory basis.

The minister has denied that the imposition of this quarantine has generated unrest in France, which has responded with the same measure aimed at Spanish tourists entering its territory, and has framed it in the usual reciprocity applied by countries in diplomatic relations. "Reciprocity is an essential and reasonable element," Grande-Marlaska said.


The Government has justified the measure because, as certain areas of Spain make progress in relaxing the restrictions of the state of alarm, they may once again be attractive to travelers from other countries in the Schengen area, authorized until this Friday to enter by plane or ship without the controls at the land border. The Executive considered incoherent that, while residents in Spain are prohibited from moving to another province, the traveler from third countries could freely enter by plane or boat.

The Minister of the Interior has not taken for granted that the quarantine of passengers be extended throughout the duration of the alarm, as the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, did in Congress on Thursday, and has indicated that it will be one of the issues that will have to be studied when the current extension of the state of alarm expires (effective until 00.00 on May 24) and the next one is established, which the Government weighs to present for a period of one month.

Marlaska, who will hold a video conference with her European colleagues this Friday, as she has been doing practically every week, has been in favor of Spain establishing health corridors with other EU countries that have controlled the coronavirus epidemic in a similar way to yours.

However, he has been in favor of doing so under the coordination of the EU Coordination and Monitoring Center and the European Commission, which should establish elements that allow assessing which countries are in a similar situation and could among them lift restrictions on their travelers reciprocally.

The minister has noted the complaints of Basque cross-border workers about the long lines that they have to make every day to cross or return to France, although he indicated that until now no one had raised any problems in this regard. Cross-border workers, like freight, can freely cross the border despite the decreed closure.


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