Spain takes off at Cannes with its comedies and its last erotic bet

Spain takes off at Cannes with its comedies and its last erotic bet

Spain boasts of talents at the Canneseries festival, where this Sunday premiered in official competition "Let yourself go" by Leticia Dolera, the only comedy selected, while Movistar + presented its risky fiction "Instinct", with Mario Casas, at MIPTV.

The first two chapters of "Let yourself go" were screened at the Palace of Festivals on the second day of the official Canneseries competition, which is being held in that French Mediterranean city until next Wednesday.

An hour before the room opened its doors, a hundred people queued to discover the series, which premiered with the Japanese "Junichi", another of the ten fictions in the show, which takes advantage of the commercial pull of the MIPTV, the audiovisual market that is celebrated in parallel.

For the second year, a Spanish series has sneaked into the competition, surpassing the dozens of international productions that failed to pass the first screening filter, along with renowned countries in the creation such as Israel, United Kingdom or Germany.

The Spanish production of Movistar +, available in the chain in 2020, tells the change of course that takes the life of Maria, a strict and fussy young girl, the day her partner leaves her, as she no longer supports her rigidity.

It is the only comedy within the ten selected series, despite the difficulty that professionals find in internationalizing this type of format.

In parallel, within the MIPTV, the summit of buyers of the MipDrama, with 500 professionals gathered, included in its official selection this Sunday ten series, with which it aims to show producers around the world the most innovative formats.

Among them, he highlighted "Brigada Costa del Sol" and "Señoras del (H) ampa", two Mediaset España creations distributed on Telecinco and Netflix.

"For us it is a joy that we have selected for the bet we have made, on the one hand for a very local comedy in its theme and at the same time very global as a genre because it touches the black comedy, and for a policeman with such contemporary themes as the narco or the police fight ", said to Efe Arantxa Écija, director of fictions of Mediaset.

The bosses always enjoy international recognition, which has allowed the creators to recover traditional genres, such as black comedy.

The "boom" of the national industry in recent years, with worldwide successes such as "La Casa de Papel" or "Velvet", which has just been adapted in the United States with Eva Longoria at the head of the cast, has prompted the new creations that come to Cannes have a wider following.

It was the case of "Instinct", starring Mario Casas, Silvia Alonso and Ingrid García-Jonsson, which premieres on Movistar + on May 10, and which was presented today at the MIPTV for the international audience.

Global success has not been a pressure but a liberation. "We always look for things that are original and risky, that tell things that have not been told before or that are told in a new way," said Domingo Corral, director of original production at Movistar +.

Corral and the creator of the series, Teresa Fernández-Valdés, co-founder of Bambú Producciones, defended with the actors the ambitious script and staging of this erotic plot, with very explicit content, but launched with the peace of mind of not only addressing the Spanish public.

"When it comes to creating I do not feel today's time differently than before, simply that if 'Velvet' has taken seven years to travel, maybe I'm lucky that 'Instinct' will do so next year," Fernández-Valdés said that the international adaptation will also depend on the sexual freedom of each country.

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