Spain shares with other European countries the contribution of the military to the fight against the virus

The conference was attended by the Ministries of Defense of France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, the Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, the United Kingdom, Sweden and Estonia and was held within the framework of the European Initiative for Strategic Commitment.

The objective of the forum was to address the contribution of the respective Armed Forces to the pandemic caused by COVID-19 and the measures adopted by the different Defense Departments to support the efforts of each country have been debated, both to contain the virus and to mitigate its consequences on citizens.

In addition, the measures put in place to ensure the operational capacity of the Defense and the continuity of commitments to peace and stability in the international arena have been discussed. The JEMAD, General Miguel Ángel Villarroya, already recognized this week that the pandemic could affect the international missions in which Spain participates, both due to the restrictions in the countries in which the contingents are deployed and due to the relays planned for the month. of May.

The Ministry of Defense has also assured that Spain's military contribution to the fight against COVID-19 with the so-called Operation Balmis has piqued the interest of its European partners.

Among his tasks, disinfection actions, support for the State Security Forces and Bodies, reinforcement with medical and logistical capacities, protection of critical infrastructures, or support for the protection of especially disadvantaged people have stood out at the conferences. or homeless.


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