Mon. Apr 22nd, 2019

Spain sees the extension of Bréxit reasonable and expects British "loyalty" until its departure

Spain sees the extension of Bréxit reasonable and expects British "loyalty" until its departure

The Government of Spain leaves the European Council that agreed tonight a new extension of the "Brexit" convinced that the agreement reached between the Twenty-seven and the United Kingdom is "reasonable", and relies on the British "loyalty" until its definitive exit from the European Union.

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This was pointed out by the President of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sánchez, at dawn, at the end of the extraordinary European Council that agreed to a flexible extension until October 31, with revision in June, to make the "brexit" effective.

He recalled in any case that "the ball" is still "on the roof of the British Parliament" and in the negotiations that is having the 'premier', Theresa May, with the Labor Party to obtain the approval of the British Parliament to the exit agreement.

Because at this time, he warned, all scenarios are still open and abrupt "brexit" can still occur.

When leaving the meeting of the Council Sanchez answered affirmatively to the first question of if he was satisfied with the decision taken.

And he added that "the most important thing" was to safeguard unity among the Twenty-seven, and that "has been achieved."

Now, he added, we must wait to see what is "the evolution of events" in the negotiation maintained by the British Government with the Labor Party and know if they will end up holding European elections in the United Kingdom - if they do not, the 1 By June, the country would be out of the EU automatically and without agreement.

The President of the Government insisted that we must be open to any possibility, because although there is a "majority feeling of the European Council" so that there is no disorderly way out, "it is also true that this possibility is not ruled out".

And before that eventual outcome Sánchez insisted, once again, that his government "has done its homework" by approving a Royal Decree Law with contingency measures to face an abrupt departure.

Pedro Sánchez did not want to give details of the strategy he had in the negotiations of this summit but he did stress that his position was to "open up to an extension" as has finally been agreed.

In addition, he added that, in the face of this "unfortunate" case involving the departure of a member state, the European Union "is demonstrating its perspective, perspective and commitment" in order to have "the best relations" with the United Kingdom. from your departure.

"Without a doubt, we are putting all our intelligence and our political will so that there will not be a messy" brexit "that could hurt with economic and social consequences for the United Kingdom and the EU," he stressed.

But he reiterated that the outcome remains in the hands of the British Parliament and the two main formations of that country - Conservatives and Labor - which are the ones that will decide the future of the United Kingdom as to whether it comes out in an orderly or disorderly manner from the EU. .

Pedro Sánchez explained that one of the things that the Twenty-seven have insisted on is that in this time of extension the United Kingdom "must be respectful of the treaties of the Union" and with the four freedoms that these treaties defend -the Free movement of workers, goods, capital and services.

He also recalled that the resolution agreed that the Twenty-seven can meet - without the presence of the United Kingdom - to deal with all those issues they consider relevant.

In short, Sanchez defended the agreement tonight because it allows the United Kingdom more time to "clarify its position" and clarify among other things if it will participate in European elections and at the same time "safeguard the interests of the Union" .

And, he reiterated that the EU hopes that in all this time the United Kingdom maintains a "loyal and consistent" cooperation with the European treaties.


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