Wed. Apr 24th, 2019

Spain seeks to deepen cooperation with Russia in education

Spain seeks to deepen cooperation with Russia in education

Deepening cooperation with Russia in education is the goal of Spain in the V International Education Fair opened today in Moscow and to which it comes as guest of honor, represented by a score of universities.

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"Knowledge is international, it is humanity, that's why international relations and collaboration between countries should be a priority for all politicians or governments in charge of science and education," the Spanish secretary of state said at the opening of the event. of Universities, Research and Innovation, Ángela Heras.

He expressed his confidence that "cooperation between Russia and Spain in knowledge will only make it grow".

After the opening ceremony, Heras met with the Minister of Science and Higher Education of Russia, Mikhail Kotiukov, with whom he addressed various issues, including preparations for the signing of a Spanish-Russian intergovernmental agreement for the mutual recognition of studies, qualifications and degrees,

According to the Secretary of State, this important document is in the "last steps".

"We understand that this agreement, which comes to complete this collaboration between the universities, is already to be signed," Heras told Spanish media.

He recalled that on Monday four Spanish public universities (Carlos III of Madrid, University of Valencia, Rovira i Virgili University and University of Oviedo) and four Russians sealed an alliance of academic cooperation in Moscow, which he described as the "first germ" of the collaborations between the higher education centers of the two countries.

"I think we have to bet more for the internationalization of our universities and also for our bilingual studies," Heras said.

The Secretary of State was pleasantly surprised by the high level of teaching of the Spanish language in Russia.

"I have taken a very pleasant surprise when visiting one of the bilingual centers that I have here, I have met some kids, boys and girls of first and second grade, who speak perfect Spanish or Spanish, who know our customs," he said. .

At the beginning of the talks, Minister Kotiukov highlighted the great interest that the Spanish language arouses in Russia, noting that in recent years the number of people who study this language has increased by 40 percent.

Fifty countries and more than 400 exhibitors from companies, institutions and governments are participating in the fifth edition of the Moscow International Education Fair, which will conclude next Saturday.


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